MK11 Pro Kompetition: SonicFox Vs Dragon (Grand Finals) CEO 2019

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As a caster said ‘when you win against SonicFox you just give him information to win against you’

Author — Kunuuksaayuka


Bro made it his business to destroy everyone after being sent to loser bracket lmao

Author — Nigga In Paris


Sonicfox has had the greatest comebacks in all fighting game history

Author — Boiled Bread


This is the kind of ultra high level gameplay you see when a game isnt patched every 5 seconds. Let the players learn the game. No erron black, geras, scorpion, or sub zero in top 8. And who knew kung lao could be so beastly. Let the game breath

Author — Mk


Sonicfox adapts better than anybody thats why he has the most wins. Hes got a damn computer chip in his head

Author — Calm Overboard


Imagine not dropping a match the entire tourney just to lose twice to the same dude that's been snatching grand finals from you on and off for years 💀.

Author — Slick D


After first lost round Sonic just shift a second gear. It was enough

Author — Maggoter !


This some different level of play!wow! Never thought mk11 will be like this. the whole top 8 has been terrific....

Author — Fluke Explanations


There's this crazy battle going on between two rivals and for some reason I'm focusing on Cassie Cage's ponytail physics..

Author — Avery Schumacher


Beating sonic is like beating goku in ss1. Then he comes back a hour later as SS Blue Gogeta 😁😂

Author — SInFuL mATRIX


Huh did they forget that Cage family have the special power to defeat the Elder Gods?

Author — Dzung Long


Sonic's ability to adapt after getting 3-0ed is amazing. He's one of the only players I've seen do it at so many majors.

Author — adrian


The fact that only the top 2 Japanese DBFZ players can beat Sonic at DBFZ even when he's focused on MK is crazy lol

Author — Three Seepio


Sonic has an amazing strategy. First game he just analyses his opponent then he knows all his weaknesses and then he win.

Author — Dan Nvk


This man loses on purpose just so he can have more fun in losers bracket 😂😂

Author — Qlapr


SonicFox went to losers and got a pride month power up 😂😂

Author — Hardcore Henry


I don’t usually watch pro league, but damn...MK11 gets me to the edge of my seat when im watching just wanting Sonicfox to win

Author — Glizzy Gordon


One of the greatest match ever sonicfox was punishing him and then the pressure got to him and that’s where youth comes into play watching it live it’s dope I enjoyed myself

Author — carter brown


weird furry and can be overly cocky but man, dude is the best I've ever seen.

Author — Hugo


Watched this damn impressive!! SonicFox is the shit...his longevity and dominance is unmatched. Well done Champ!!

Author — jacramento