Gangga Island Diving 2011 Indonesia North Sulawesi

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Gangga Island Diving 2011 Indonesia North Sulawesi 4.5

Join the dive trip to Indonesia Gangga Island in North Sulawesi, there is awesome dive sites see your self....yerss...

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Thanks ...yess....North Sulavesi and Gangga Island is awesome ...and have great dive sites.... thanks for the trip is to Turneffe reef Belize starting to morrow lets see how it looks there....hj

Author — Harry Juselius


the number of species of fish, coral, and other critters in your videos is mind boggling. very good color and closeups. some of the most enjoyable underwater videos on the internet. thanks for posting them. -george-

Author — southsidesky71


Still showing today in Sept of 2018. Still beautiful too. Lol. (Jus wish you slow down a little)very good footage. Enjoyable.

Author — Blue Voliet


Very curious creatures, vibrant coral, busy, bustling down there to say the least. Healthy environment & praying it remains that way. I enjoy these underwater videos with my volume on "silent", so relaxing. Sometimes if there's descriptives I'll listen in. Oh how I would love to someday scuba dive (I guess after retiring or luckily prior 🌊). When I go back to finish college to finally get a degree will add Marine Biology as a credit course ! But smh as to why here I am 8 yrs after this was posted & only a little over 100 likes with 24, 000 views, what gives ?!

Author — Ms V