Metal Mulisha | When Link Met Kohl

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Check out this nuts 3-wheeler jump on sketchy ramp. Just another day in the life of @kohlfromsd

Throwing it back to the day @larryLinkogle and @lynkinlinkogle met @kohlfromsd while driving through the neighborhood.

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GNARLY.. No rear suspension. BBQ support landing ramp.

Author — infowarrior1999


Kohl's a badass, this clip reminded me of the O.G crusty days.

Author — C.M. Kennedy abrasive blasting.


Bruh I'd give anything to be that dudes neighbor lmao

Author — Joel Lyons


That was way better then clips of guys trying too turn it up for the cam Boxxing and shit. Him and Raha give m/m the vibes that they had and lost for a very long time.. the m/m is cool again and it's great!! Even took my old m/m shoei back out for a sled trip recently... 87 250sx squad ? Lol do a bike check on the trike that would be sick !

Author — 301 smallwood


Fuck yeah landed on the bbq and still rippin

Author — Moto_Leprechaun