The Failure of 13 Reasons Why | TRO (ft. I Hate Everything)

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The Right Opinion: The Failure of 13 Reasons Why - A Three Season Tragedy (ft. I Hate Everything)


V shows, honestly something that I have an interest in, but seldom get around to actually watching.

My biggest problem is how much time they tend to consume, and although I promise you, I have too much free time™, it’s not time that I typically decide to dedicate all towards one TV show, I like to allocate it across various activities to maintain mental well-being, because after all, in this world called YouTube, we can all use that from time to time. I mostly indulge my time in films, which are typically shorter in total (with exceptions), and gaming, because, as I have always asserted, I am a gamer. Nonetheless, recently I have found myself in an interesting predicament because YouTube’s slow monetisation process has basically delayed so many of my videos that I found myself with a week on my hands, and a desire to cover something slightly different.

So, without further ado, I suggest we tackle that slightly different subject on this glorious, glorious day, and if you have basic reading capabilities you will know that this is 13 Reasons Why.

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EDITING CREDITS BELOW: One clarification, around the 30 minute mark I say Alex's memory loss wasn't possible, I wasn't talking about any memory loss in general, as that is possible, I was talking about the specific memory loss the plot writers gave him. That one's on me for not specifying.

In a twist of cruel irony, this video had 13 draft renders. I hope you enjoy, but safe to say I probably won't be making a video like this for a while. Was fun to test out at least, and hopefully a nice collab. Also big thanks to I Hate Everything, easily one of my favourite pieces he's done. *Link to his channel below.*

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Author — The Right Opinion


The quote, “because in high school, everyone’s watching you all the time.” Boiled my blood. I don’t know what highschool this is but in a normal high school, everyone’s too concerned about themselves to care about you at least on a superficial level. Unless you do something REALLY weird or outlandish no one will remember or care. And that feeling that everyone is watching you, all the time, is definitely not a healthy mindset nor one that should be promoted.

Author — Lathliss Elara


They got a genuine laugh out of me with the “Bryce, the rapist?” “Alleged rapist*” “Shut up Courtney” scene

Author — John Willar


Clay's tape was honestly the one that bothered me the most. His fault was that they were about to have sex, Hannah told him to stop and leave and he DID. That's EXACTLY what he should have done and to portray him being respectful of her boundaries and accepting that he changed her mind as something NEGATIVE made my blood boil.
Teaching young audiences that when a partner tells you to stop something or change their minds at any point you SHOULDN'T listen to them because "that's not what she really wanted, he aBaNdOnEd her" is SO dangerous

Author — Andrea Esteves


I haven’t been a teenager for decades, but I can palpably remember the feeling of being the macabre angsty girl I was. The problem with the suicide narrative is that it’s an attractive fantasy. “After I die people will finally appreciate me! They will love me. After I die everyone will realize what they did wrong to me....everyone will be sorry.”
That is total BS.
It’s a melodramatic goth is the actual scene where she does it. She looks beautiful and powerful in those tragic last moments. It’s a dangerous lie.
I couldn’t watch past season 1.

Author — Mama Bear Mere


They deadass at the end of the show said Clay just had depression and anxiety. The boy literally had visual and auditory hallucinations, had a number of aggressive and scary outbursts and all that is just anxiety apparently

Author — Alex Expresses


My best friend summarised it perfectly: "It's a show that asks you to be mature enough to get the message, but not so mature that you can tell how badly it's doing it."

Author — Raijin Wolf


I believe the whole “we wanted to start a conversation” is bullshit. They wanted to make a melodramatic teenage show romanticizing suicide for financial gain and needed an excuse when people figured it out. They had so many options and resources to make an actual informative/helpful show, and they missed all their chances. I watched some episodes of this show back when I was severely depressed and suicidal, because i was curious. After watching i was so angry. Suicide is not romantic. Suicide for revenge does not work, because when you commit suicide you’re DEAD. You cannot see the people left alive, you cannot communicate with them. Suicide is final. God I hate this show. Depression and suicide are not pretty.

Author — Lara


As a suicide survivor, this show severely romanticized suicide and it's disgusting

Author — Wizard Lizard


The worst apart about this entire show is that they changed Hannah's suicide scene.

There wasn't one in the book. It was a simple message that her parents hard found her in her bed after she overdosed on some pills. It wasn't over the top. It wasn't showcase-y. It wasn't spreading a message. It was a realistic, understanding mention in a book that showed the pain of a character that wasn't questioned as much as it was in the show. Hell, it wasn't even fought against as much as it was in the show.

Hannah's suicide in the book is meaningful and heart-stopping. Hannah's suicide in the show is showboating and uncomfortable. Its the last attempt of the show to push Hannah's victimhood, something that wasn't necessary if we were meant to believe her from the beginning.

Author — Lady Lonely


A show that really does a great job of dealing with tough issues like depression and addiction, and abuse is Bojack Horseman.

Author — Bethany O'Neal


People act like high school is this constant battlefield where it's every man for himself and the weak do not survive. It is simply NOT. High school is 4 years of academic stress, clubs, sports, popularity contests, dances, friends, failures, successes, self-reflection, and preparation for college. You're too focused getting your own mess of a self through the years that you don't have time to ruin someone else's life. I'm not saying shit teens don't exist, they do, but bullying of this degree is so rare and hyped up in Hollywood that it's downright hilarious. High school sucked, but it isn't the freaking social Hunger Games.

Author — SavannahGeorgi


"Whiny teenager records suicide tapes to guilt trip everyone into feeling bad about causing her death"

I watched the first episode and as soon as I realized that was the premise I said, "Nope". Such a juvenile fucking way to handle the topic of suicide.

Author — The Great Fusili


The boldest and most to the point critique I've heard of the show was this:

Often times, especially in teen years, someone who has suicidal thoughts entertains a sort of "revenge" fantasy. I'm gonna show all those people who hurt me and never appreciated me. I'm gonna make them sorry. They're gonna feel so awful.

And the show pretty much plays right into that fantasy.

Author — Chris Bardolph


Bryce should've got his redemption by going to prison and pay for his actions that way, I don't care what anyone says, no rapist can ever walk and get redemption, that's just hypocritical as fuck.

Author — Don VA


Out of all of it and there’s a lot that bothers me, what is so wrong about season one, is that essentially clay is put through all of this mental anguish and involved in this horrible situation is because he acknowledged and respected Hannah’s request for him to leave her alone, he conducted himself reasonably and respected her consent and all in all drank the respect women juice as everyone should, and yet she blames him for listening to her and puts him on the tapes, wrecking clays life

Author — Cade Little


The show's intended message: "Bullying is bad"

The show's actual message: "Suicide is badass!"

Author — Victor Jr


I have a particularily strong hatred for this show. When I was in highschool we had three suicides. One a year ahead, and the other two in the same month. This was so traumatic for me that I was in a denial phase for five years because I was so disgusted and so angry and so upset that I didn't even want to process it. I wanted to just sweep it under the rug like "eh, didn't bother me." So during this whirlwind of trauma was when this show came out. Everyone was terrified that people at my school would watch it. They were so afraid they outlawed all talk about the show completely. When I found out what the show was about it was bad. I just felt this unrestrained anger. The idea that a show was giving ideas for teenagers to have reasons why they'd do something like this was just unbearable for me to think about. Not only that, but Hannah absolutely disgusted me as a character. Most of her reasons were so petty it made me sick. Thinking that teens could think of so many, for lack of a better term, easy reasons to do that was just an awful thought for me. Rather than "it was an escape from a hellish reality" it was "this is what happens when you make me upset" that's god awful. I can't imagine ever thinking that. This entire show is just so disgusting and unnessecary.

Author — Angry Cat


Having read the book: The story is great when you see it through the lens of a story about sexual assault, but falls desperately flat when viewed as a story about depression and suicide.

Author — liamfaoisidhe


I really hated how the show painted Hannahs's actions as an act of revenge and not what most people want to do it for, a way to escape.

Author — summerisgone