ALL ACCESS: Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor | Epilogue | SHOWTIME

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ALL ACCESS: Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor | Epilogue | SHOWTIME 4.5
Showtime Sports brings you an exclusive look behind the scenes into the locker rooms, corners and inner circles as UFC superstar Conor McGregor, aimed to shock the world in his boxing debut, and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather exited the ring for the final time.
The Emmy® Award-winning series reveals the drama of fight night from a unique perspective and introduces viewers to the rarely seen aftermath of world championship prizefighting.


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💬 Comments on the video

Floyd’s daughter sound like the little kid in the store that can’t get a toy

Author — Reynaldo Rivera


Who’s watching because COVID-19 got us on social distance status 😂

Author — C L A Y


Floyd’s daughter when she says “cheating” is annoying. No hate but she needs to realize this isn’t mcgregors sport.

Author — Sean Zwick


99% of the comments: floyd's daughter
1% of the comments: about the fight

Author — Yashohari Dalmia


For everyone bashing on Conor:

He's an mma fighter. He took a big risk and went 10 rounds against arguably the best boxer of all time. And he didn't just hang on, he fought.
Floyd would never be able to go into an mma cage and hang on for more than a round even vs an average mma fighter (nor should he).
Boxing is like the elite fighting sport. A lot of restriction and it's all about technique and tactics. It isn't really fighting in it's true form, it's a game. An entertaining one, but a game nonetheless.

Author — LetsRaZe


Floyds daugher is that one mosquitto you cant get rid off

Author — ElxSilver


Commentator: Mcgregor has never been knocked out in mma

Well this happens to not be mma, this is boxing, if it was mma Conor would have killed mayweather no cap

Author — LoGgy Soggy


Mcgregor really had nothing to lose here, if he loses, he’s an mma fighter, and still gets paid hundreds of millions of dollars

Author — TheDgreezyFan


When’ Conor told dana “sorry” I felt that, genuine.

Author — Popaholics Collectibles


Connors corner wasn’t telling him anything that could actually help him in the fight 😂

Author — King Gee


15:10 LEeeEeETss GOoOo DAd I WaNt MY NEW IPHOne 17 pro

Author — A TREXE


I have nothing but incredible respect for the both of them, and to be fair; Connor had to come into Floyd's sport

Author — Reagan Bolt


conor's corner been lying to him the whole

Author — Black Freak


you already know floyd’s daughter only has friends because she has money

Author — Eduardo Máynez


Telling Conor to show descipline is like telling a lion to sit down.

Author — SANAL jith


He would get his ass kicked if it was MMA

Author — GameR Boi


20:30 that "we'll never need to get a job" hug 😅

Author — late great


When like 95% of the comment are how annoying Floyd’s Daughter is😂

Author — Mr Everything


Conor is a MMAA Fighter so dont expect to him doing that

Author — Park Jimin


When I saw "corona" written on ring rope
After that I never saw this fight the same
9:22 behind Connor

Author — jagjit katoch