The History of the Bunad - Traditional Norwegian Folkwear and How it's Worn Today!

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I have a VERY exciting video for you - I took a deep dive into the history of the Norwegian Bunad, with an emphasis on the Nordmørsbunad. I also take a look at the different styles of bunad, as well as festdrakter and fantasibunad.

Grab yourself a cuppa and come join me as we explore Norwegian folkwear traditions!

NOTE : I did not properly cover that the Insititute for bunads and folkwear do not today approve or reject bunads - they only did that in it's beginning, and then moved into simply "passing an unofficial opinion", for want of a better way of putting it in english.
Some regions have tribunals that approve or reject them, but not many.
The rules are ALOT more relaxed than in the first years of official bunadcreation.

Today most new bunads created are incredible, specific reconstructions of historical drakter/folkwear from a very specific region or even year, such as the "rekonstruert kvinnebunad from Vest-Agder", "rekonstruert kvinnebunad from Gudbrandsdalen" etc.

On audio: It was the first time I used this microphone, and it definitely needs to have it's settings adjusted for next time!

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