Inside the Blackmagic Design Van!

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Inside the Blackmagic Design Van! 5

Guy Cochran takes us on tour inside the Blackmagic Design Van.

List of the products covered:
Fiber Converter Camera ,
Studio Fiber Converter
Supplies power, transmits, tally, video, audio, camera control
HyperDeck Studio 12G playback / record
HyperDeck Studio Mini playback / record
Teranex AV Signal conversion
Teranex Expres
Blackmagic Duplicator 4K SD card record x25
Ultrastudio 4K I/O for computers
Studio Converter Convert Fiber to SDI return Program, Talkback, Tally
Audio Monitor, Visually see VU meters, Video display
ATEM 2 M/E 4 M/E Broadcast with 20 inputs Mixer/Switcher
ATEM Talkback Converter 4k
ATEM Television Studio HD
ATEM Camera Control Panel
Videhub Master Control
1 M/E
Production Studio 4K
ATEM Television Studio
1 M/E Advanced Panel
Camera Control
Ursa Broadcast Camera
Fujinon 20x lens
Fiber Converter
Studio Converter
Fiber cable
Control Iris, Master Pedestal
ATEM Television Studio
SKB Case
Web Presenter - Streaming Video device
Davinci Resolve Color Correction
Mini Panel

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💬 Comments

I feel like Blackmagic should bring their van to schools and stuff. Fully load it with broadcast gear to allow students a hands on broadcasting experience.

Just spitballing

Author — Cekala Studios


That's a van i'd be happily lured into

Author — Stephen Bergin


anyone else find the cars driving backwards semi trippy?

Author — chris floyd


i just took a deep breath when you opened the van door

Author — Luke Lim


This is Easy and portable. BlackMagic Atem has made broadcasting easy and fun.

Author — Limpopo Television


Hi, How can we set Multi Cam in live chroma with Atem

Author — Nadeem Ejaz


Third party intercom for DB25 not work.

Author — A Team Studio HD Udonthani


Super cool Guy! Hope you’re doing terrific!

Author — John Mortensen


Does Blackmagic have these vans available for Sale?

Author — Cosmic Media


Wonder how much that truck's insurance costs? Do they sell that mobile case with the ATEM HD and Hperdecks or is that a custom-built pelican case?

Author — mastercheif1989


Two more thing is to add is your Replay system for sports production and Graphics system for overlays

Author — Oluwawa Damilare Oluwaseyi


Maybe US market is different but here in Europe TVs won't buy this for multiple of reasons. And for private broadcasters this is still a very expensive solution. Of course it is cheaper then 3 000 000€ 8 cam OB Truck from GrassValley but big TVs dont really care. It is like saying dont buy your own Boeing 737 buy this Eclipse 550 instead for the fraction of the price. I am doing studio and ob setups for private companies and I always recommend them this solution from BMD but answer is always the same. Price of this setup with 5-6 cams is around 400 000-500 000€ which is a lot for a private broadcaster, since they might get payed 1000-3000€ (with 50% revenue if they are lucky) per one day job. Also demand is not that great for multicamera production.

BMD is covering this middle part of the market between expensive TV production and completelly basic multicamera work with few guys with their cameras via HDMI hooked to a mixer. Like I said US market is probably different but here in EU I cant see any market available for this type of work (for adequate money of course).

Author — Mark Urban