Lil Tjay - Run It Up (Remix) ft. John ITM , Polo G , Lil Mosey , Offset & Moneybagg Yo

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

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Shits 🔥
So u know my 4$year old still talks funny

Author — Heather Fetcie


Amen, it's MY life, and I run it how I see fit for me!!! I'm sorry you don't agree with how I run MY life, and you feel you must meddle in it. I think under the circumstances I've been handed I'm running my life like a boss bitch!! So 😘🤩, perhaps I should meddle in your life, and help you run your life too. Not everyone can make order out of chaos. But I'd have to pride myself in the fact that no matter what situation I'm put in, I run that ship well!

Author — Julie Shrout


never fake love... never regret it, either 💗

Author — Sonya Zink


Sounded like he recorded on a kids juke box

Author — Bryce Graham


The tune in beginning, there's another song that sounds like that whole time Yal Kno ?

Author — Newman_The_Boss


Ya stole that’ run it up ‘from Faheem Chicago
Mossad stole that killed Glocks 2
And gave ya that

Author — Baby Gaza غزا


U just became this mean person I'm sorry

Author — Briar RoseAYY


Had to do a double take when I heard you go in on the beat, shi goes hard 💪🏽

Author — Daniel Leonard


Still jam this like the first time I heard it! Trying to put these Texas Boys on Lol Tjay! Truth

Author — Jesse Gonzales