Gutfeld on Dan Crenshaw's triumphant 'SNL' appearance

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Gutfeld on Dan Crenshaw's triumphant 'SNL' appearance 5
Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw calls for unity on 'Saturday Night Live' after being mocked by Pete Davidson.

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Crenshaw is a good guy, hope he does well in his future👍🏼

Author — hercg1967


Wow. This WAS awesome. We do need more of this, and it is refreshing to see.

Author — Greg Thomas


Mannnn I'm tired of fighting and arguing with the left, right, whatever... I wish we could just get along.. the U.S needs to come together and fight against the evil in the world

Author — THE CREW


who is disliking this? srsly. this is what we need to see more often. very classy from Crenshaw.

Author — Growling Sidewinder


Republicans have so many badass like this guy.

Author — bionic26


Isn't it awesome that it takes a republican war hero to teach SNL a lesson.

Author — Joseph Ramdas


Juan has a Trump problem called tds he can't help but always Trina trash trump

Author — jean didier ly


I'm a combat infantryman veteran and there was nothing wrong with the sketch. I'm glad this servicemember stood strong.

Author — Matthew Meditz


The joke wasn't as bad as the comedian who told it. He didn't have the clout or delivery for it. And the "I guess he lost it in war or something" after the joke was the awful part, really.

Author — Mystic


The joke was funny, the "whatever" comment wasn't funny. Learn from comedians like Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeld and others, get the joke and read the room and don't go farther and move on to the next joke.

Author — RODNEY P


Mr Trump, we want SHIELD. Something tells me he should be the director who will bring fury to the evils of the world.

Author — Chele Papaya


this is what happens when a republican deals with this. imagine if the comment was made about someone on the left.

Author — Mad Murph


I respect you Congressman elect on the way you didn't play in to the continued wave of destruction, of American values. Glad you are here to repersent Houston.

Author — *TexansForLife* USA


If Crenshaw can forgive you pete....Then so can I!

Author — Heart2HeartBooks


Stupid Juan likes Crenshaw because at times he has been critical of Trump ??? So many other things to love Crenshaw for than that. Small minded Juan did it again.

Author — Rebecca Vinas


But... “...a hit man in a porno...?” If I was Crenshaw I wouldn’t’ve been insulted. 😂 However, on a serious note, Dan Crenshaw is definitely a class act. I agree with Gutfeld, the humor was so over-the-top in its mockery that it “couldn’t be real.” As someone else stated, adults acting like adults. Finally.

Author — Tina Leubecker


I love Crenshaw’s attitude about all of this.

Author — MrTShbib


That young black panel member is such a Scrooge...
He may as well have said, "Bah Humbug!"

Author — Amelia Reagan Wright


His relationship with Ariana was obviously just a typical Hollywood publicity stunt relationship, ,the same goes for that closet queer beiber and that Baldwin lady

Author — Jason Blake


Shouldn't have wasted his time in that lib cesspool. For the first time in 25+ years someone not unhinged made an appearance. SNL still sucks and that will never change.

Author — Sykokiller