Cillian Murphy on Peaky Blinders' best lines and... Tommy never eating!?

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 months ago

Cillian Murphy joins BBC Radio 1's film critic Ali Plumb to look at his time as Tommy Shelby. He discusses getting into character, fun times on set, his chat with David Bowie and loads more!

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Cillian Murphy undoubtedly made Thomas Shelby as one of the greatest characters that have ever been created in TV history!

Author — SPIDEY


My favorite line that really stuck with me is “Everyone is a whore, Grace. We just sell different parts of ourselves”

Author — floppytofu🕷️


No one ever talked about Arthur's actor. He did a brilliant job in portraying his character.

Author — MassK Valorant


Cillian deserved an award for his Thomas Shelby. He made the character

Author — Morgan Hobson


Thomas once said: “I know what this is…It’s just myself talking to myself about myself.” Epic line!

Author — colud_544


He has never won an Emmy for this character. That alone will tell you what BS these award shows are. He is bloody brilliant and this show is spectacular.

Author — pristine govender


This was the best series to hit our screens in decades. Whoever chose Nick Cave's 'Red Right Hand' couldn't have picked a better theme. It's genius.

Author — Joe The Lion


"I have no limitations."

Probably the greatest line I have ever heard a character say.

Author — Gregor


Cillian is such a humble guy. He absolutely brought that character to life like no one else probably could have. Can't wait for the movie!

Author — that ek dude


To me the most beautiful line was also probably one of the saddest. When Grace sings for Tommy in the pub.
She says: Happy or sad?
Tommy: sad
Grace: okay, but I warn you, I'll break your heart.
Tommy: already broken

Peaky Blinders was probably one the best shows I have ever seen. Amazing actors, amazing lines and story. And an amazing cinematography 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Author — Nicolas Olonetzky


The season was phenomenal it’s sad that it’s over :(
Cillian is literally the most underrated actor

Author — Amberheardsucks


Its hard to express how much tommy shelby has effected every individual who has seen the show. His intelligence, will to win, never give up in the face of a crisis. Cillian murphy has cemented his legacy as tommy shelby for years to come. We are lucky to witness such a show in our times.

Author — Taher Bharmal


Cillian Murphy makes me beyond proud to be Irish. He's the epitomy of what we are as people. My respect and support for him knows no bounds

Author — Alex DH


Tommy Shelby is a great method actor. The way he plays Cillian Murphy in the world is just outstanding!

Author — Sibghath Khan


this is the happiest cillian has ever looked and acted in an interview. ali, you are the best.

Author — jo


Cillian did a “calm app” story, and the comments from women everywhere were hysterical.
Cillian is such a beautiful and understated actor, can’t wait for his next role.

Author — BE YOU


I can't imagine anyone playing Thomas Shelby other than him, he is a great actor!

Author — AgentBanana


Best show ever hands down. Tommy Shelby character is genius. Deserves a Grammy. No one else could play this part. Murphy IS Tommy Shelby.

Author — B


i love that the only time he eats is with his son, kind of accidentally shows how at peace he feels around his children.
also ive never seen Cillian this happy in an interview lmao

Author — OppaiPoison


This show filled a setting and role that the mainstream industry hasn’t tarnished. Absolutely great show.

Author — Kieran Schafer