Intriguing 'double eclipse' taken by the SDO on 2018-09-09

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  • ℹ️ Published 5 years ago

An apparently mysterious "double eclipse" taken by the SDO on 2018-09-09: the circular object is our moon passing between the SDO and sun and the other shortly after too roughly the same size (but not the same) going the other way with a slightly different direction.
A double ecplise is not uncommon with this kind of geo sync orbit as the SDO tracks the sun while in geo-sync with us. As the earth spins through it's 24H cycle the SDO can be blocked by the moon traversing it's observatory line of sight towards the sun. Similarly our planet can do the same, but as we are much closer to the SDO (36000 kms from us) than the moon we completely block out it's view for a few hours so the second object recorded in this event is not our planet but our same moon which was in "apparent retrograde" from the SDO's point of view. The only other planets that can get in between us and the sun are Mercury (small and too far) and Venus (about 20x smaller and can be seen "transiting" our sun in other youtube videos.