CN & CP Trains in the Springfield, MB Area - 6/29/2021

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On June 29th, 2021, I went out to do some railfanning just outside the city and caught a few trains on both CN and CP's transcontinental mainlines!

I got word the day before from a friend that CP 421, a daily manifest train had not one but two of CP's heritage units on it! I overshot the train by...about 4 hours and managed to catch a few other trains before it.

Our 1st train is a CN intermodal, Q111 possibly, lead by a friendly crew inside SD70M-2 8933, followed by SD75I 5745 and at the tail end was 8878. I saw it at the very small town of Glass, MB passing the new P&H Dugald Elevator. It's almost complete, there's even a long string of hopper cars on the loop track. The engines are still on their way there. Sorry if the beginning shot was shaky, lol.

I then headed up to Willowdale Rd on the CP Keewatin Sub just outside of Oakbank, MB. This whole area is pretty nice because if you're standing at the CP line, you can just make out the silhouettes of CN trains passing south of you. I missed about 2 CN trains while waiting for 421.

The first CP train I saw was train 100 heading east to Toronto. In the lead was ES44AC 8798 that had a beautiful 1st Gen K5HL horn on it. in the middle was ES44AC 8930 and on the tail end with the few autorack cars this train sometimes has, was AC4400CW 9826.

The next train I thought was going to be 421, but nope! It's 300, absolutely sending it past me at track speed. It was lead by a trio of CP GE's, AC44CWM 8034, AC4400CW 9737 and ES44AC 8947. It actually stopped west of me at Deacon Road to let the next few trains pass it.

After hours of waiting it was finally here! CP 421 with the two heritage units! In fact, 7010 and 7015 were the first two SD70ACu heritage units to be unveiled by CP back in September of 2019. They're also the first of CP's two kinds of heritage units. 7010 is for the more recent Maroon/Grey scheme, with the 'Script' lettering and 7015 is for the older "Block" lettering. They're both based on the passenger engines as the freight M&G engines didn't have the beaver logo on the nose, like for example CP 3084. They rolled past me at maybe 20mph and stopped just before the Hwy 206 crossing inside Oakbank.

Why did they stop? Well, they had to get around 300 at the Hwy 207 crossing, and both of those lower priority trains had to wait for another fast train that came up right behind 421. CP 118 with ES44AC 9372 leading and SD70ACu 7008 trailing came racing past me heading towards Montreal. Union Pacific ES44AC 5518 was the Mid-Train DPU that day!

After that, I had to make my way home. So I decided to race to Heatherdale Rd to see 421 again heading into town. I beat them by a few minutes and watched them roll past again.

Thanks for watching!
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Awesome catches in this video especially the two CP heritage units together in the lead.

Author — StormySky Rail Productions


13:48 nice catch all around, This cp gevo catch my eye because it had a p3 on it which sounds epic

Author — Michigan Central Railfan


Great catches, looks like that day worked out well!

Author — Manitoba Rail Productions


I remember in the 2000’s saying, wouldn’t it be nice if CPR made a Heritage livery like some of the U.S Railroads, and voila! It’s come to pass! 😊

Author — Curt Wakeman


Nice video man! I caught CP 8798 shipping car train too on Plessis Rd, going out to where you were!

Author — Gagethedarkgamer 74


Nice Catch of the double heritage units

Author — Central Canada Railfan


Question, What is the name of your intro song in this video? sounds really good.

Author — Drunk Bugs Bunny


I just got a train with a 25 Gevo ans more goddes

Author — Anthony Lauer