In Ukraine's Donbas region, war rumbles on

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In Ukraine's Donbas region, war rumbles on 4
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Last month, a naval incident saw Russia shoot openly at Ukrainian military personnel for the first time and seize 24 Ukrainian sailors. Ukraine, in response, has declared martial law in ten regions, made good on promises to create an independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and ended a treaty of friendship with Russia that was still in force. Little noticed by the world, war rumbles on in the eastern Donbas region, occupied by Russian-backed forces. FRANCE 24's Gulliver Cragg reports.
A programme prepared by Patrick Lovett and Gaëlle Essoo.

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''im sorry but you have to pay your electricty bills even if your house is bombed to the ground''
war profeteering at its finest

Author — john van winckel


Holy crap the censorship is insane I though this was over a year ago!

Author — Barskor1


"The Russians shot my fridge".

Author — Ken Rose


Dont worry, soon Uk soldiers will seize the power station.

wow the world is in shitville,

Author — Samuel Mason


Lithuanian People Must make more Love vor More Population!😂😂😂❤️

Author — Der Richter


Its like the western media forgot about this war

Author — C1 Official #0121


@4:20 Is that Samuel Tarly? Sam the slayer?

Author — Jub Jub


Let's hope that in 2019 is they year most wars will end like in Ukraine @syria 🙏🌏🌎

Author — Umar raja


Don't get mad at russian trolls they are brainwashed by a fascist state and they don't want to know the truth because all it takes is to watch the news from literally any other country then russia to see the truth there is a reason the whole world supports Ukraine and russia is getting nothing but sanctions

Author — Mike Smith


Lives caught in the crossfire of a political game.

Author — Cezariusus


Do some BEARS and Cheekis need their cheeks divided?

Author — BabushKa Bob


Yay! Thanks for uploading in english.
Canadian Public schooled failed me, the only “second” language I was offered was VERY bad spanish.

Author — randy bowen


Always picking on a little brothers, but you know..

Author — mybluebelly


It's important to observe to both sides of the situation and then form your own opinion to avoid being persuaded or brainwashed

Author — Violet Crystal


What about those who live in the East of your Country. You chased out your legally elected President through TERROR then elected someone who was not wanted in the Eastern Part or Crimean and you call that legal! If I lived in the East or the Crimea I would be fighting your Illegal Government as well.

Author — JH


All I can say is that this is the most controlled war I’ve heard of

Author — Anthony Morandi


i heard UKRAINE WILL JOIN EU after maidan, but what time they will ?

Author — Yêu Dân Tộc


2:19 I don't even think that lady is mad at DNR/LNR/Russia but at her own government failing her.

Author — ayeapprove


I don't understand, The entire Ukrainian army is not large enough to attack a former city with a pack of rabbles in it

Author — Boby Berry


Reminds me of Grozny 94 - 96 but in present time, really depressing scenes...

Author — Naahdude