Oregon Cascades, USA in 4K (Ultra HD)

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Oregon Cascades, USA in 4K (Ultra HD) 5

The Oregon Cascade Mountains are rich of beautiful lakes, waterfalls, peaks and trails.

Locations in the video:
Central Cascades: Cascade Lakes Hwy - Davis Lake (0:01), Wikiup Reservoir (0:08), Deschutes River (0:16), Lava Lake (0:20), Elk Lake (0:39), Devils Lake (0:43), Sparks Lake (0:50), Green Lakes Trail (1:10), Green Lakes (1:42), Broken Top Trail (2:08), Todd Lake (2:36), Salt Creek Falls (2:41). Santiam-McKenzie Hwy - Head of Metolius River (3:10), Big Lake (3:15), Sahalie Falls (3:19), Koosah Falls (3:29), Lower Proxy Falls (3:57), Upper Proxy Falls (4:16), Scott Lake (4:27), Dee Wright Observatory (4:34).
Northern Cascades: Trillium Lake (5:07), Mirror Lake (5:16), Tom Dick and Harry Trail (5:21), Mt Hood (5:29), Lolo Pass /Bald Mountain trail (6:10), Lost Lake (6:26).
For Southern Cascades: watch my Crater Lake video.

Recorded August 2016 in 4K (Ultra HD) with Sony AX100.

Angelight - Zensation (Paradise Gate) - 07 - Hidden Light

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I really obsessed with this kind of place

Author — Roro Zahra Nabila Haq


Beautiful!absolutely someday I want to visit.Thanks!

Author — Young Suk Chang


How lovely these lush mountains are- my parents and one sibling live in Portland and often drive to the N coast- I'd swear I see many of these scenes as we do that drive....I might forward this link so my brother's family can enjoy it....

Author — D Farrington


Grew up in Portland, really missing home rn

Author — Henry Chen


I wanna live here, is it even possible to by land in a place like that!

Author — Jorge Dominguez


Great video, wish I was there. Great footage of all the lakes, and snow on the mountain tops. :))

Author — M Outdoors


Amazing video! The Cascades are incredible and definitely one of my favorite places in Oregon. 🙌

Author — Morrisey Productions


Absolutely beautiful. One of my favorite places to visit. I spent one week vacation in Oregon in 2016. From Astoria, Portland, Hood River, Mt. Hood.

Author — Jose Villalaz


I been there and I know every part of u, s, a is beautiful God bless America

Author — Maqsood Ali


Thank you share this So beautiful video and relaxing music.

Author — Jian Liu


This is an absolutely beautiful video, I enjoyed every second of it! Big like from me and have a great weekend!

Author — Carsten Travels


So relaxing and the scenery is so beautiful

Author — Steve Klimentos


dear Milosh, I have stopped posting Comments on your Amazing Videos long long ago, since I have run out of Superlatives. No Human language is really adequate to express my admiration and appreciation for your awesome Videography.And your Choice of Music is truly IMMACULATE.You are truly tremendously gifted.

Author — Ramarao Sonty


My oh my, absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking! I envy your filming skills, lol. I always record my adventures and travels on my Go-Pro, but I lack the filming and editing skills. Someday, I will invest in a better recording camera. Anyways, thanks for sharing! ❤️

Author — Maddie Rmah


A masterpiece of images and music
we thank you

Author — Kostas Ef.


Oregon more nature, So beautiful view!

Author — JoyFilipina


Breathtaking, would love to see the raw footage before YT compression to really what 4k can look like!

Author — Sean


AHAAA! My neck of the woods for about half my life! And you were in my neighborhood there at Sahalie & Koosah Falls, Proxy Falls, the D.W. Observatory and so on. Terrific videography as usual. So vivid. How I miss all that water and beauty! Thanks for letting me revisit it virtually.

Author — Marvin Williford


C'est très beau.. merci pour ces belles images de la nature.

Author — 31Sylou


Another wonderful film. Thank you as always for sharing!!

Author — loveaodai100