SND-ORDER-BLOCKS - how to PROPERLY TRADE THEM - higher time frame? open? [SMART MONEY] - mentfx

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The teachings in these videos are partly inspired by the following people:

and others along the way.

In this episode, wyckoff wyckoff wyckoff.

You've been lied to trading retail concepts like support and resistance, trendlines, rsi's, candle patterns, and all the other stuff I spent years unlearning and now am trying to teach to others. We delve into why price moves to certain areas of inefficiency, and why you often get stopped out of trades without understanding it. In the next we'll cover more concepts of inefficiency like imbalances, voids, and models.

Do you ever wonder why you're constantly losing money in Forex? - Your strategy, your risk management, and your understanding of the market is flawed and its not your fault.

At mentfx, we use concepts of structure, snd-order-blocks, mitigation, imbalance, fair value, voids, inefficiency, buy/sell models, wyckoff, and others to determine our direction and potential trades for the next month/week/day/hour/etc. based on the type of trader you want to become. I do not offer signals or incentivize you to invest under the information in my videos, this is nothing more than perspective.

DISCLAIMER: Any money made or lost in the forex market is your responsibility. My concepts and ideas and theories should be demoed on a fake/demo account before being taken to the live markets. If taken to the live markets, any money made or lost is under your OWN discretion and YOUR OWN responsibility. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Thanks. I look forward to having you as a client and talking to you. -Anton

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Wrong title mate. the POWER of OBs and WYCKOFF WHEN THEY ARE COMBINED.

Author — Lim


I feel like OBs become something you'll have to understand on your own by having constant chart time

Author — Teefkiller


I have never clicked so fast in my life

Author — Thisguyisreallybored


That was indeed a beautiful trade setup to catch!

Author — WoopsToggle


F! I've lost alot of trade today cuz of that in 5:15.Thank u for explaining in that part

Author — Ahmed hassan


can you make a free course for institutional trading with the basics and how can we profit because i cant find one for free so i have no information about institutional trading i saw your videos they helped but some terms i dont understand that will be awesome thank you!

Author — Sebastian


Do you ignore order blocks once they are retested for the first time? Or how long do you consider them valid?

Author — DJH __


is there a difference between order blocks and institutional candles?

Author — RizzTV


What’s the difference between institutional candles and order blocks?

Author — Joezi .001


Mentfx your mentorship is 100 per month i understand. My question is how long do I need to stay on.

Author — Sj da Lux


Hey bro amazing video💫Honestly the clarity on your free videos is insane I just have one question, When your trading order blocks do you always wait for some sort of wyckoffian schematic to occur? As a confirmation?

Author — Earthツ


Is there a difference between supply and demand zones vs order blocks?

Author — ImTymerz


Could you make a video on how to choose OBs

Author — chao hao


Hi bro how quickly can I be good at this? Coming from retail trading mindset here :(

Author — JJ


Is CHF/JPY under accumulation or distribution?

Author — Elies


Awesome video! How can I message you? I have a few questions about your service. Thanks.

Author — Frederick Hess


Show us your live trades as you are so good at implementing ICT concepts

Author — Charles Dakubo


Do you still take 1 on 1 sessions through fiverr? If so do you require that your students study your course first?

Author — Trionna Morgan


wtf are you doing on the phone in the shower.... oh ... gotcha.... < : P

Author — LT Smash


Quick question Anton, once I’ve found my higher time frame OB and have my directional bias. Should I skip between multiple lower time frames until I can see a clear Wyckoff schematic forming on one of them, or just stick to one lower time frame and wait? Thank you brother.

Author — MercurySays Business