COURSE PREVIEW - iXS European Downhill Cup Croatia

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 months ago

So rough! So slick! We're just glad they survived this run! #MTB #DH #iXS

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Can’t tell if the go pro is loose on him or if the track just that rough

Author — Jeremy Facer


You've managed to capture the brutality of the track..i felt them. 🤘🏻

Author — Azari Amza


The hyper smooth can’t keep up . Absolutely mental track

Author — Jusdrug


Does no one watch these videos before uploading? The shaking is on another level

Author — Donut Barbell


That track looks extremely slippery! Sketchy! What bike was he riding?

Author — Toby Won Kinoby


Do riders film their practice with a chesty or a helmet cam if the want to make use of it in post? (e.g. help remember the track or scout possible lines=
NO not a single one is going to because the chesty doesnt really show anything of the track..
so why use chesty-footage on a preview run?

Author — Hanny Dart


Loose chest mount can't be stabilized..

Author — Lukáš Bartošek


As Danny would say "not a rock in sight" ...

Author — peter sambol


His chest Mount has to be loose or the track is that gnarly can somebody else do a course preview please and tighten up the chest Mount before you film it

Author — Banks Banksftp


This videos it’s so bad quality hard to watch with all the shaking.

Author — The mtb project


Gross, that trail has no flow at all. Your suspension is way too stiff for that trail.

Author — A Wolf


Already heard of GoPro Hyper Smooth or a gimbal? It looks like last century.😂

Author — MTB Arkej


Losinj once was a World Cup round - Aaron Gwin won by simply tucking during the final part plus he didn't absorb the ramp much at all.

Gwin's success was probably the biggest proof I've ever seen of DH World Cup teams not studying sections at all and just letting the riders do whatever. It's still crazy to me how little teams study different approaches to sections, so many lost tenths and even seconds!

Author — Diego Ruiz