How to Finger Knit a Blanket [Washer & Dryer Safe]

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WATCH THIS before you make your blanket. :)
Finger Knitting FAQ

In this video, I share how to finger knit a chenille chunky blanket. No experience with crochet/knitting necessary!
The throw featured in this video is 3 ft x 4 ft
5 skeins Bernat Blanket Yarn (32 yards in each skein)
Starting chain approx. 20-25 chains depending on tension

For a 4 ft x 5 ft , I'd recommend 6 skeins.
Starting chain approx. 30 -35 chains depending on tension

I would highly recommend that you use a tape measure and chain to desired measurement.

Bernat Blanket Yarn - Chalk Pink

If you want to make with traditional knitting
25 mm needles are recommended for this yarn weight.
I like these:
Knitter's Pride 25mm

00:00 Intro
00:25 Measurements
00:42 Beginning chain
01:22 Row 1 Making loops
02:22 Row 2 and so on
03:11 Tip: Avoid wwisting
03:22 Tip: Roll as you go
03:42 Attaching skeins (magic knot alternative)
04:42 Finishing blanket loops
05:56 Tip: Needle and thread optional
06:17 Outro

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Literally made my first blanket it took around 3 hours to make cause I kept making mistakes but literally worth it, this is the most warmest blanket I've ever had. I added a button to it so that it could wrap around me and I won't need to hold it. Thank you for teaching me this. 🙌❤

Author — @rosaelidalopez1117


I've seen other tutorials, and while they're fine - yours is utterly perfect! You explain the general concept, give tips for adding skeins and maintaining the blanket, and it's concise enough for me to understand and follow. Thank you so much!

Author — @KeanuReevolution


I have been really wanting to find a relaxing hobby for myself due to severe anxiety and I just loved your video. It made me feel comfortable enough to understand and feel confident that I could try this too! I can’t wait to do it!

Author — @acidic_dragon2022


Thank you! I always wanted to diy a blanket, and get creative. Thank you for sharing! You're a marvelous teacher. Great holiday idea..i usually make my family candles for Christmas. Maybe i can change it up this year.

Author — @waltervega8730


i did it!!! i just finished!!! i can’t believe how easy and how beautiful it turned out. one more Christmas gift marked off! thank you so much for such clear and precise instructions! 🤗

Author — @orscrub3161


Out of all of the chunky blanket videos yours is the one I used the most and it helped me complete my very 1st blanket project! I was stumped about how to complete the final row and thankfully you explain it better than any other video I found. Thank you!

Author — @Gds1106


Awesome!!! You made this look easy enough. Thank you so much for sharing. ~ Sammie

Author — @bluefeatherhomestead


Had watched this several times and had taken a break from making blankets. Since Christmas is really soon, I decided to make my younger cousins small blankets. I’m 13 and turn 14 on Christmas Eve. Thank you so much for the video!!

Author — @HPboysareFiNeEeEeEeEeEeEeEeEe


Being a guy I find this method super easy. Just started one today and it is my first time EVER doing anything with yarn and I am really enjoying this method. Making a blanket for my Mom for Christmas. Thinking now I may need to make more for friends and family. TY so much for this amazing video.

Author — @Jonje143


Pattern was amazing and easy I downsized it and made a winter blanket for my baby due in January ☺️

Author — @sarahblakely1604


That looks so soft and cozy. Bet that would be a wonderful blanket. I watched the video three times to make sure I didn’t miss anything.. Looks almost too easy, actually. Thank you and God bless! ❤🙏🏼✝️

Author — @samsanderson224


i’m just a young guy that saw a cool long fuzzy string and bought a ball of it then i find out it’s yarn and i stumble upon this lovely video needless to say my fuzzy blanket is in the making thank u a lot for making this video

Author — @manuel.rojoss1571


Will be buying my yarn this weekend to do this! Thank you for simplifying it for me. I usually just loom!

Author — @catalinarivera5890


I have never in my life done knitting, but after watching your video, I am trying to make my cosy blanked soon! It's the proof of how great teacher you are. Your instructions are clear and inspire the spectators!👏🧿💛

Author — @AK-zq8dt


Actually this is a brilliant idea! I was thinking of knitting a blanket to give to my mother! But that would take too long....until I found this video! This is the best blanket I have ever seen!

Author — @Irene-dd4nh


Thanks to you ive been able to make 2 blankets this summer. The first time i was in a rush and did a speedrun to turn it into a gift. This time around with more time on my hands the blanket is a lot less looser, and i can already tell it will hold a lot of heat for the winter.

Author — @elyseweeks1454


Thanks so much for your video! I'm definitely going to have to do this! You're so amazing on showing how to make it. Very clear and detailed information. Love it!

Author — @MsOSheDidIt


This was surprisingly relaxing to watch, and I now have the desire to make one of these for my daughter. Thank you for the video and inspiration :) x

Author — @shelley2311


Love your video. You explain everything so well and easy. I am going to start finger knitting next week.
I am an older person and very experienced knitter. This looks great.
Thank you so much

Author — @najdakapetanovic8543


I’m already 70% of the way there!!! Thank you so much it looks so beautiful! My blanket is for my parents :)

Author — @megacitationx