✖ Pastel Goth Inspired Look! ✖

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✖ Pastel Goth Inspired Look! ✖ 4.5
Products Used
Brushes : Ted Baker

Revlon : ColorStay 001 Ivory
Powder : Stay Matte 001 Transparent
Blusher : W7
Eyebrow Pencil : Skin Food
Eyeshadow : Unknown
Eye Liner : W7 Aye Aye Captain! ( I'm using a brush from a diffrent eyeliner! )
Lipstick : Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick 107 + Black Lipstick
Pencil eyeliner : Solone
Mascara : W7 Zoom

Wig : Wigs by CC
Shirt : Look Human

Royalty-free music used in this video:

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💬 Comments on the video

wow u look like a complete different person

Author — Staci A. G.


for a second i thought you were applying lip gloss on your

Author — Grace Luning


And i Cant even do a winged eyeliner lol

Author — Kerater Anner


Lovely! I love how you do your eyeshadow! :D

Author — PeachMilky


I think the shadow needed to be blended more but other than that it's cute look

Author — Olive Marie


How did you go from American to Asian??

Author — The Blou's


Did uyou just used lip gloss as a eyeshadow base? That's so cool

Author — Nelly Baur


It was all great until I saw that shirt...

Author — Alice Nano


This video just blew my mind like waw *-* ♡

Author — getalfre


I was so satisfied watching her putting in the lenses

Author — l e i y a


At 1:18 first I thought its a Lip Gloss :D

Author — •ŋɩɠɧtcɷɾҽ paɾaɖɩʑʑҽ•


Omg I want to wear my makeup like this. Of course, I can't even do winged liner...or eyebrows...or that smoky eye thing you did...

Author — Riley Derbyshire


I love this video. You're..you're..so..KAWAII 😍❤

Author — Josephine


Bwaaa! ☾˙❀‿❀˙☽ Always so nice to see when you've uploaded! 

Author — tay tertot


u and venus have a similar look i love venus to shes amazing im losing weight before i do pastel goth cause i will be more comfortable even though im not asain i been told i look korean and or japanese and i been told im kawaii or adorable like a puppy >..< im not that fat just 160 pounds and some chub in places haha but tiny at the same time cause of genes i also dont look my age im 20 but people are so surprised xD im very pale to x.x meh im 5'5 as well o.o im new to ur channel u seem cute to c:

Author — Kpoplover Bts


You're so amazing at makeup! •w•
How did you learn to do it so well?

Author — Ayato Naoi


I'm too lazy to put concealer on, can't imagine doing that every day!!

Author — Celesti


i can't do this stuff :( i don't have expensive makeup, but i'll try it out XD im not pastel goth though.

Author — Kay'Lee Lamb


fab! Do you find putting the eyelash glue on your lid rather than the lashes works better?

Author — loopyfrog


Awww so cuteee*_* I love your make up and your style💜

Author — Sahra Winchester