How cash is becoming a thing of the past | DW Documentary (Banking documentary)

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How cash is becoming a thing of the past | DW Documentary (Banking documentary) 4.5

Cashless payments are on the rise. They are fast, easy and convenient. Worldwide, cashless transactions have become the norm.

But Germany’s central bank and government are still clinging on to cash. Can they stop the move towards a cashless society? Our documentary shows who is behind the worldwide anti-cash lobby. Banks want to get rid of coins and bills for cost reasons, and politicians think less cash will cut the rug out from under criminals and terrorists. Central bankers want to abolish cash because it would make it easier for them to enforce negative interest rates. And digital payment companies like Paypal or Visa simply want to profit from money transactions and collect as much financial data about consumers as they can. Their aim is to gain complete control over our buying behavior. For example, the "Better than Cash Alliance" in New York is supported by financial corporations such as Visa or Mastercard. They say the more people that are integrated into the international financial system, the more growth and jobs it will promote. But as our financial behavior becomes more and more transparent, states are also using payment data to find out more about us. The ordinary citizen’s view of cash as a store of value, independent of third party interests, is being increasingly ignored. But for them, cash is and will remain a symbol of freedom.

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Governments and corporations want cashless, so that they can track you and everyone else.

Author — Aaron Fridays


When cash is gone, the descent into slavery will be complete.

Author — Carin Wiseman


I still think Cash is King. I enjoy using cash more than through the digital platforms.

Author — Joel Ratemo


Cash can be a life saver for when an emergency situation arise.

Author — Ann Bui


When i see this comments, i see a little bit of hope, we must fight against this because this is a serious measure against

Author — djoko djokic


"Give a man a gun and he can rob a Bank. Give a man a Bank and he can rob the world." Tyrell Wellick

Author — darmok1134


We will go back to trading and cut the government out of it.



Brain dead, just how the banks and government want them ! Herd mentality without a thought about what is really going on.

Author — willyD200


this video is made to deceive us, and to believe that digital money is the best option but in reality it is the opposite, I vote against the disappearance of money

Author — Roca Boy


Digital Corruption will be huge. They'll be able to make it appear out of thin air.

Author — Leon Reaper


People have no clue...when cash is gone, so is your control...your privacy...complete one world order! you are bagged...

Author — G Espania


resuming : "In the day That Banks control the money supply, human freedom will extinguish. " Andrew Jackson -1837

Author — Marcio Forster


when this happens, we will be Doom, computers break down we will suffer, and don't forget about the hackers.

Author — Dora Williams


The New World order and this Technology computer crap will start having enormous crashes ruining us all especially people who cannot get a bank account or get robbed a little at through hidden fees poor people some cannot get cards!

Author — Kevin PIERSON


"Who will profit from digital dollars and who will be the losers?" Ooh, that's a hard question, could it possibly be the rich who profit and the poor who lose?? :-/

Author — Seven Ellen


Electronic money is fine, but cash should always be an option, it’s freedom from big brother.

Author — Robert Mcgee


Remember Cash is King
Until they plant that seed in your head, to tell you otherwise.
Think about the next generation.

Author — chris georgallis


What if the power goes out your screwed 🤔

Author — Tiger King


Is there a blackout how you going to pay with a credit card machine has no power you got to pay with cash

Author — Taino R


DW you are so bold ! Lol Never would a mainstream media source in the US correlate consumption measures to "state control."

Author — Mark Morales