The Hidden History of Humanity

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The Hidden History of Humanity 4

The Hidden History of Humanity! Feature length Documentary.

Based upon Theosophy (the Secret Doctrine) this documentary focuses on the evolution of consciousness over millions of years while revealing the secret chronology of human history from ancient Lemuria and Atlantis to our current root race, while following the natural cyclic deluges between races.

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I'm Muslim by birth, but i always see myself as a fellow human being first, then race, religion etc. next. Regardless if this video has reasoning or not, let us all be together in one mind, and make this planet a worthwhile experience to live in, for us and the next generations to come.

Author — TheSunMoon


When u wake up the next day, astonished by the way Youtube went on with Autoplay on while u were sleeping. ^^

Author — Jason Rigone


The fact that we live on a floating rock in the middle of an endless abyss of nothing is the most surreal thing to think about. Like WTF🤯

Author — astrothunder


The more we learn the more we realize the less we know.

Author — cosmic voyager


The old woman talking is that the woman from Titanic Rose? Sounds like her.

Author — joseph frank


This is the kind of documentary that I’d watch more than once in order to fully grasp the rich information it presents, wonderful work!

Author — M. Al Banna


new age bs based on the bs teachings of helena blatavsky, a consummate fraud

Author — CrossFace


@30:37 more and more I’m seeing current technologies verify ancient mythologies. The chains, globes and schemes look very much like Birkeland Currents. I’ve just recently begun my spiritual journey so there’s many more dots to connect but it’s always great to learn something new and have help connecting some of those dots. Great vid! 🌎ℹ️🌎

Author — Dan&Dee’s Daughter


May 2020: They're probably looking down at us in quarentine, shaking their heads and wondering what the hell we did to ourselves this time.

Author — 1 w


The vatican of the roman catholic church hides many possible truths unders its floors. If people would stop lying about History maybe we can change the course of our future for the betterment of all humans and the healing of mother earth

Author — Hoku Orpilla


The first interviewee is an esoteric astrologer.
"Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest" - Oxford dictionary
"Astrology is a pseudoscience that claims to divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects" - Wikipedia

No thanks

Author — Jørgen Vestheim


Interstellar Space Travel: My Theory.

Subspace frequency of point to point projection.

2 magnetized points synchronized in a wave that fails to cancel or ecco each other out. A Duplication of 2 signatures or points of equal physics.

Each orbital regularity if a solar system
generates its own rules of time before math in order to pin a location and place.
Inverted space (size of system) x mass (Matter) + orbit (bent space) or a loop of time then gives existence to its own math.

Would fusion in space tear a hole or creat a signature of reality like a dead star?

Set up as a controlled singularity could give reason for 2 points in space to exist with no space between it.

A drastic change to an open connection given a second direct to redirect 1/2 + of a black holes gravity would creat a spaceless point of two spaces (faster then light).

Some black holes exist naturally and some are not. Both are a byproduct of fusion.
eg. a hose made of gravity with a dimension for a center. Close a door at one end and you get x2 the suction. An outward directionless pull of gravity into nothing that’s fueled by its consumption.

Author — Ryan Allen


I found this to be an amazing presentation, if difficult to follow at times. It’s a fascinating look at the big picture.

Author — ༺Ember༻


Well now I know where Messi came very interesting 😱

Author — Diego Rodriguez


To heck with storming Area 51 we need storm the Vatican

Author — Travis Edwards


very interesting and informative, a lot of work went into this, thank you .

Author — Clare Morgan


I just want to know how the pyramids were made. How did they lift them stones and so perfect.. And all the other mammoth stone structures worldwide. Mankind has regressed since them times.

Author — Liaqat Khan


31:53, the clock shows 9/11/2001. When you start taking the time to actually see the whole picture ; you will be amazed at how much sublimation passes through your eyes .

Author — Greg Urbanek


If I remember correctly from when I was a kid, all this because God wanted to know thyself.

Author — Brian Wright


Many interesting things, though usually these theories never mention a KEY element that changes the conversation: this is a phantom matrix, an experiment gone WRONG, and we are still paying the price. Ever heard of the demiurge? what eons are? Christos? Sophia?
Who manipulates and hypnotize humans with their astral magnetism? the so called archons? its always our faults, I don't uy this "oh we are evolving our little creatures, oh they are misbehaving" they feed off of human energy, period. This changes the whole story. We are played by all stories, be that religious or spiritual. At least they should ask those questions, since the very ancient scriptures they mention, talk about all of this.

Author — Albion Rising