Coronavirus News: The latest on the covid-19 outbreak - 5/28 (FULL LIVE STREAM)

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Coronavirus News: The latest on the covid-19 outbreak - 5/28 (FULL LIVE STREAM) 3

The rapidly spreading coronavirus outbreak continues to upend life around the world. The Post’s Libby Casey reports on President Trump mocking masks as “politically correct” and his push to reopen America at a time of grave warnings from health officials. Casey will delve into the concerns of a second wave of infections and a monumental death toll with reporters James Hohmann and Heather Long.

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It's funny how Wash Post still posts on here when you look at the ratio of likes to dislikes. Ha ha he ha

Author — Eugene Layton


No matter how hard life get you’ll make it 💯 just believe in yourself ❗️💯

Author — Universal Growth


How about a survey from the country leaders ( Reopen America again or $2000 a month for all? ) .

Author — Amina K


I have just listened to a nurse who worked in a New York nursing home who couldn’t understand why sick Covid 19 patients were brought to the home she was working in and mixed with healthy elderly patients and then they died. They had built a new hospital in New York for this reason. What on Earth were they thinking? Thousands died because of this.

Author — Una Mcgurry


I came here for the BS. Everyone knows there is no news here. Bias isn’t news

Author — isaidme0


If you support freedom, you should support my freedom to wear a mask.

Author — Fozzie Bear


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Kēia hana no ka iaʻu iho nōʻoe, e ho'āʻo ia

Author — Kurtis Calloway


Doctors & scientists are the professionalism in science.God said If you want me first love people.

Author — Syed Ahmed


If every one took trump advice not wearing a 😷 I wonder how many deaths it would cause

Author — Pero Ya tu save


Germar solves the entire pandemic problem. But first, why, why do you believe the things that you do? We all have access to the exact same

Author — Swails


Let’s give corona a more appropriate family name; COVID 15, some know what that means

Author — Sammaneh Taval


FYI: 78000 of the 100, 000 US Covid deaths were in Democrat controlled states. Why is this virus attacking the democrats?

Author — HappyCup


Like to know why Trump is not down with virus struggling for his life ?? Scandalous !!!! Everyone wants to see succession !!! 😱🍻😱😱😩😩😩😩📝📝📝📖📖📖📚📚📚😷😷😷🍷🍷🍷😷😷😷

Author — Harley Martin


Trumpvirus He has so much blood on very small hands!.

Author — P Robin