Storm Ciara, Airbus A380 Landing & Takeoff Birmingham Airport

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Storm Ciara, Airbus A380 Landing & Takeoff Birmingham Airport 4.5

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As britain got battered by Storm Ciara and several G0-arounds at BHX this A-380 showed how its done!!! good practice as Storm Dennis will be next!!!

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The A380 makes take off and landing in storms and cross winds look so easy. That is one hell of a machine

Author — ringdigger


My favourite plane ever. Last time had severe turbulence but felt so safe in it

Author — KDP


That take off is both awesome and pretty scary.

Author — Neill Le Roux


It always looks so smooth when this behemoth takes off or lands, even with severe crosswinds. It is indeed a unique and marvelous airplane.

Author — Ganiscol


how that albatross ever gets off the ground is a real miracle!!

Author — kev brady


Soon a sight for the history books! A perfectly good airplane, retired and scrapped!

Author — Felice Graziano


WTF, you rotated the plane in the thumbnail on this too, same as the Beluga! Come on man, stop the clickbait and just take an unedited picture.

Author — Iain


That's great piloting and a great aircraft. I wonder how that takeoff would have felt in a CRJ?

Author — Richard Shelton


So big and heavy, well inside it's flight envelope tbh...

Author — EnglishTurbines


Brutalll, amazing sound, amazing take off

Author — Cristian T


I flew over the Atlantic with this plane, smoothest flight ever! Love this model!

Author — stefander


That plane probably landed by itself 🤣

Author — Swede Potato Pie


Awesome video man! I really enjoyed it! Subbed!! I love Aviation too!

Author — MileHigh Aviation


Gone back to the birth of aviation when they thought that flapping wings was the way to That's enough to put a few people of flying. Well captured sir.

Author — Bob Ingram


Did they just tarmac over that field, runway looks more like a motocross circuit 🤣

Author — powley1089


Land it now!

But crosswind from storm...

I’m wearing... nothing.

Hold my coffee.

Author — op3l


Que capos esos comandantes, aplausos, my también para ti Elwyn!👏🏻👏🏻

Author — Analia Bazet


Hope to power slide in an airplane in the air tutorial

Author — deanmoncaster


I've seen a crabwise landing, but I've not seen a crabwise take off before.

Author — Crazy Leyland 510


Had quite a few aircraft divert to Stansted from my local (Luton) fair number of cancellations as well.

Author — Ian. S