Storm Ciara, Airbus A380 Landing & Takeoff Birmingham Airport

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Storm Ciara, Airbus A380 Landing & Takeoff Birmingham Airport 4.5

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As britain got battered by Storm Ciara and several G0-arounds at BHX this A-380 showed how its done!!! good practice as Storm Dennis will be next!!!

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The A380 makes take off and landing in storms and cross winds look so easy. That is one hell of a machine

Author — ringdigger


My favourite plane ever. Last time had severe turbulence but felt so safe in it

Author — KDP


That take off is both awesome and pretty scary.

Author — Neill Le Roux


WTF, you rotated the plane in the thumbnail on this too, same as the Beluga! Come on man, stop the clickbait and just take an unedited picture.

Author — Iain


It always looks so smooth when this behemoth takes off or lands, even with severe crosswinds. It is indeed a unique and marvelous airplane.

Author — Ganiscol


how that albatross ever gets off the ground is a real miracle!!

Author — kev brady


Soon a sight for the history books! A perfectly good airplane, retired and scrapped!

Author — Felice Graziano


I flew over the Atlantic with this plane, smoothest flight ever! Love this model!

Author — stefander


“That Mig really screwed him up, I don’t know if he can land that thing”

Author — Nick002


Awesome video man! I really enjoyed it! Subbed!! I love Aviation too!

Author — MileHigh Aviation


Brutalll, amazing sound, amazing take off

Author — Cristian T


Gone back to the birth of aviation when they thought that flapping wings was the way to That's enough to put a few people of flying. Well captured sir.

Author — Bob Ingram


Land it now!

But crosswind from storm...

I’m wearing... nothing.

Hold my coffee.

Author — op3l


Had quite a few aircraft divert to Stansted from my local (Luton) fair number of cancellations as well.

Author — Ian. S


Did they just tarmac over that field, runway looks more like a motocross circuit 🤣

Author — powley1089


Que capos esos comandantes, aplausos, my también para ti Elwyn!👏🏻👏🏻

Author — Analia Bazet


That plane probably landed by itself 🤣

Author — Swede Potato Pie


Nice one. Always come to your channel to see BHX storms. Yesterday I and my fiancé went to the multi-storey car park spot to watch for a couple of hours. Got there with 10 mins to spare before the A380 landed. Went not long after the Qatar 787 came in. We did wonder what happened to EnterAir ENT61UN after it’s go-around. Maybe went to Stanstead?

Author — DerbJd


Hope to power slide in an airplane in the air tutorial

Author — deanmoncaster


So big and heavy, well inside it's flight envelope tbh...

Author — EnglishTurbines