C Y G N - Discover LP [chill future beats]

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00:06 Ocean Drive
03:15 Know About It
06:04 Let's Forget Things We Said
08:59 Feelin' Alright
11:39 Missing You
13:36 I Can't Be There
16:20 Blue Sky
18:40 La Plage
21:35 Dream About U
25:47 Astro Love
28:59 Ocean 5

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🎨 Artwork & Animations by Jim Spendlove

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🚀Who else is impatient to travel in space?

Author — Chillhop Music


Chillhop has such amazing music content, and such variation, so anyone can pick out a theme they love. Thanks so much
Chillhop; I probably listen to your music in almost every task I do

Author — Siddhant Saxena


I’ve never heard of anyone on here that just keeps on delivering great content consistently, Thank you for all you do❤️🦝

Author — Adrian Muñoz


Consistent flow of epic chill and relaxing music. Since finding this channel I haven't been disappointed yet. Immersive as it is like a cool refreshing dip in the ocean or a lake. Every LP I've heard on here has been absolutely solid. Thank you *Chillhop Music* for presenting such excellent chillhop music for us all to hear and enjoy to the fullest :D

Author — DWolfLycan III


Always loved this style from Cygn. So happy he continued where he left off Body n’ Soul

Author — Seemingly content Patrick w/ 5 gal. jug on head


Man, I may catch some hell for this, but I think this tops Body & Soul and I LOVE Body & Soul! As my grandmother who was born and raised in the country says “ He put his foot in this album!”

Author — Roderick Ray


Never have I ever listened to a beattape more than once but your tapes are therapeuthic.

Author — J Missy


Love the artwork.. it's so futuristic but with an element of nostalgia and vintage to it.

Author — m8055


*That artwork is a place I wanna be in*

Author — naeco


This music is so good I don't even know how you keep putting out all this great and relaxing music and keep up the good work

Author — Grimmm playz


Ahhh this is so good! Im on my third listen at work already! Love you guys!! <3

Author — [soles]


My favorite part starts at 29:05! Soooo Peacefull. Then the bird that twitters in the background around 9:35 is amazing and then the bass drops. Wow! You guys are getting good at this.

Author — B Cheo


Listened to this like 5 times today, shit hits.

Author — Ethan Scott


I can listen to Cygn no matter the mood and get completely Lifted !

Author — Tanya Duvall


I'm totally digging this. It's perfect to chill to after getting off 2nd shift. You never fail to deliver

Author — Matthew Porter


he clearly influences me in what I am currently doing, a soul trap goat <3

Author — Nothingtosay


Hopfully we figure interspace travel n find other planets like ours that have 2 suns, a huge close up moon, n floating islands.

Author — Blazing Hot Cheetoz


Dude these beats got me levitating hahaha

Author — Split Second Music


this and all C G Y N albums are amazing

Author — George Harris


For me it seems like Daft Punk passed the torch to C Y G N. This is quality content. Discovery to Discover is of the same caliber 💯

Author — Avid TAR