China's Geography Problem

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China's Geography Problem 4.5

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Tibet highway photo by Matteo Melchior
Potala Palace photo courtesy Ondřej Žváček

Music: "Thoughtful" by Lee Rosevere and "Saver" by Podington Bear/Sound of Picture

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I see you put Taiwan as an independent country. I also like to live dangerously.

Author — Ci 21


I think your dates are a bit off. China took over Tibet in the 50s or 60s.

Also Russia and China don't get along all that well. Russia has built strong defensive works to slow down a Chinese invasion.

Author — mike henthorn


Its only Duterte and his henchmen siding with China, 90% of the Filipinos dont like China, but nowadays, I think Duterte has his heart change, his foreign sec even warned China not to cross the line beyond Paracel island, besides we have that " mutual defence treaty " of 1952 that can not be scrapped by the presidential decision alone.

Author — Makabayan Bayani


Wendover Productions: Today we are talking about Chi-

Author — Reinatr48


When will the PLA liberate the people of China from the CCP?

Author — Derek in Sydney


“Mongolia is a friendly country”
Ghengis Khan has joined the chat.

Author — Aussie Boy


This was released in 2017. A lot has changed since then, including Trump, the coronavirus, and military clashes between India and China. A revision might be appropriate.

Author — Michael W. Perry


"With the Gobi desert there's no chance a land-based empire will invade."

Mongols: I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move

Author — iamsueshii


when russia popped up i saw that crimea is shown to be part of russia.
as a reminder, crimea is not a part of Russia at all

Author — Joe Mama


1] destroy china's artificial island [2] Tibet be democratic [3] keep Taiwan free [4] Mongolia open [5] jail xi jinping ~democratic [5] Australia chess

Author — salim chagla


'Mongolia is a friendly country'
Gengis Khan wants to know your location

Author — NINJA FAN


Even if the Philippines started to distance itself on US, its impossible to side it to China. Also, Philippines is one of the major Non-NATO ally of the US

Author — Keiji Akaashi


Philippines is being polite and strategic to China and US due to it's debt. But wait til Philippine military gains momentum it will party with most of the south east to regain that sea

Author — ReadTheMusic


"China started taking over Tibet 300 years ago."
Nice way to make it seem like ancient history. They took control in this lifetime.

Author — latent gamer


3 minutes in and I know we'll be friends.

Author — Vilhjalmr Edmundson


“Only for three hundred years”, I think that is longer than the history of United States.

Author — Jinpeng Chen


Excuse me.. you have a wrong interpretation.. only the president of the Philippines distanced the US not the whole country of the Philippines, in fact the Philippines is the closest ally of the United States where there are millions of Filipinos livings in the United States.. and besides 99% of Filipinos hate china..

Author — Roy Rendon


Chinese are bad at geography they have a problem with every country in the nearby area. Some years later it will even claim the Moon Mars etc.

Author — Aditya Nehra


The great video china life history country part life, s country stragile, s with every watching this video like

Author — namude malayali namude malayali


Lol just about the right time this showed up in my feed (Im indian)

Author — Anushka Sarkar