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Funniest Scaredy Cat Home Videos of 2016 Weekly Compilation | Funny Pet Videos 4.5

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It's one thing when a cat is spooked by something he sees and is trying to figure it out but it is an entirely different story when you terrify the cat or kitten on purpose. Hideous face masks and loud noises like with the tiny kitten and the idiot that says, hey ziggy, dance. That guy needs to be taken somewhere and be terrified out of his wits. That is pure animal abuse. The kitten is only about 6 weeks old and to be terrified like that with the vacuum cleaner noise...I want to just punch that guy in the face and those laughing with him. The kitten hears that noise decibels louder than we do. There is no excuse for such cruelty.

Author — Pam Bauder


1:05 Am I the only one that finds those kinds of cats terrifying?

Author — litlSPROUT


Now that tiny black kitten was a bit to young for that scare...

Author — ko dark heart


When the guy said, "Hey Ziggy, dance!" And I saw what he was doing, I was about ready to pop him in the back of his head

Author — Rena Toomey


This video was hilarious, though I do feel bad for the itty bitty little fuzz ball that was scared by the vacuum...

Author — ThatOneChick


I would scare my cat, and he would remember and scratch me on my leg when I walk by him.

Author — Daniel Clay


The ziggy and vacuum one almost made me cry. That was pure evil

Author — TackleTheDog


Alternative tittle:
"How to traumatise your cat" :(

Author — bearsoundz


I find this messed up. Especially the cats who hit something... this is abusive

Author — Jaclyn Eagon


Cat: Do you find this amusing, HYUMAAN!"

Author — CGrascal


2:59 had me jump too😂😂😂😂ive been laughing for an hour straight

Author — Blake Smith


Legend says that cat's still flying

Author — Axell Rosas


The old Perfection games. My brother in law set the timer and his cat went to sniff it and it popped up. Didn't see the cat for a hour after he jumped up howling and ran off

Author — Suzy Boyle Anderson


laughter around the 9:20 sounds like she is choking on her own lol

Author — Robert Gerriets


That bald cat looks like the scariest alien ever

Author — Niraj Thing


That's just wrong😂 hairless cats already have enough problems. They don't need werewolf intrusion

Author — proudMudbl00D*6


Cat: "What was that!? What was that!? What was that!? What was that!?"

Author — JustinEvitable80


Standard thumbs down for a video that ends with links covering the last couple of clips.

Author — Sam Harper


I don't understand the pure joy I see generated when an innocent trusting animal has the innocence and trust scared straight out of them by people who have nothing better to do and no imagination to think something else up.

Author — Shivasgirl


Hey, stop scaring your pets; 6:00 my favorite 😁

Author — Misty Meadow