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This is great, but there's an underlying sadness/frustration that the parent who unenrolled their child from the Montessori school did so because of a job loss. The video is persuasive and exciting, but you leave that economically depressed parent and child in the lurch, and address the child's "diminished flame" as an "that's too bad they chose that decision, " when "choice" had nothing to do with the matter.

Author — Joseph Moore


It's not for everyone, you need to know your kid, and in a conventional school setting, small classes and really good teachers can make a huge difference. And there ARE not-so-hot Montessori teachers as well. But in general, the fact that my daughter is reading well above her grade level, had an experience with long division similar to that above, and will state without prompting that she LOVES SCHOOL is all I need. We have intermittent concerns as well, but on the whole, it seems as good or better than anything else out there that we've found for our kid (and we looked). I think this video captures it very well.

Author — Matthew Laurence


Thank you Alyne, I had been trying to implement Montessori in our homeschool. I read a lot of books about the subject as well. Unfortunately I have had to put my children into public school this year and focus on trying to find a job.

Author — MrsErikaWhite


YES! this video brings me to tears, as it's the exact same experience we had with our daughter! Thanks so much for this video!

Her local Montessori charter (tuition-free) school closed, so we enrolled her in 1st grade at a well-known and highly acclaimed "back-to-basics" "traditional" academy. She has been there nearly a semester, and my husband and I have both observed that light slowly diminishing. Her creativity and joy was taken away by a single source of information (how is THAT like the new world?) and teaching toward memorization and test-taking. I feel sorry for all the children there, despite the wonderful teachers and administrators and nice families who attend.

We noticed such a difference that we're now switching the kids to a Private Montessori school in the neighboring town... yes it has a tuition, but we did some research find a way (and I encourage anyone to do the same in their area). During our tour, we learned this: In Arizona there is a "private school tax credit" program where if you get enough people to make a tax credit donation (which is a net zero after they get the donation off their tax returns), it can be earmarked to your school, and even specific child.... so with a little footwork on our part we can (and will) have private school tuition completely paid for, for all 3 kids.

We believe so strongly in the Montessori difference that we're even relocating to the neighboring town for them to be Montessori again.

There's a reason the founders of all the tech companies, many famous entertainers and the youngest Nobel Prize winner were all Montessorians, and why Jeff Bezos is donating tens of millions for more Montessori schools to open!

I would encourage any parent to work towards 1) seeking scholarship or creative funding opportunities at your local Montesssori or even 2) talking with your public school about integrating more Montessori Methods into their current curriculum, or even adding it as a separate program. It has worked wonders in many districts. Don't give up, our kids are worth it!

Author — Hannah Kirkpatrick - Mrs. American 2021


This is incredible! I so remember when I had to pull my daughter out of Montessori because I couldn't afford it as a single mother. My daughter had to attend traditional school and is now 15 years old and has completely lost interest in eduction totally! My six year old son is in Montessori and LOVES it! I will do whatever I can to keep him in his Montessori school because of what happened to my daughter!

Author — Goddess Revolution


As a Montessori-dad in Norway I find it a good and impressive explanation - of how it is. I had not thought of the flame, though. A very good picture. And my 8 yo son loves his school!

Author — oystein svarod


Congratulations, Trevor! This is a wonderful addition to your message. Thanks for sharing it!

Author — aldeamontessori


Wow, let me say it again...WOW. I've been a director of a Montessori School for years and I must say this presentation is on point. I hope that more and more people open their minds up to Montessori.



Absolutely INSPIRING video ! I need to teach for an organization like Montessori. I live in Sarnia, Ontario and have been searching for this philosophy. Thanks again for the incredible vid !

Author — Eric Corvers


LOVE IT!!! Finally, I have a video to show friends and family what in the world I do as a Montessori teacher! Thank

Author — willowejp1


Trevor Eisseler has an amazing way of taking this subject and condensing it to give people an amazingly clear understanding. I wish I could sit and click "like" all day to this video.

Author — Matt Bronsil


Sending me to a Montessori school for my elementary school years was the best thing my parents ever did for me. It gave me a great foundation for learning that I took with me once I left. I loved it there. <3

Author — Simone Ingstrup


I love this video! This is exactly why we've chosen a Montessori education for our children.

Author — Jessica Mueller


Fantastic video! You've captured the essence of Montessori and literally illustrated what its all about!

Author — Amman Imman: Water is Life


This video is terrific! Will be sharing this video with my friends! So glad we're homeschooling and teaching our children Montessori. 

Author — Why Not Montessori


My writing hand hurts just watching. Awesome introduction into Montessori. Great job!

Author — Stun Setting


Fabulous video! This has helped to explain a lot.

Author — Crys G


This video has convinced me to send my children to Montessori when they reach 2.5 years. I will work two jobs to pay for it if my community doesn't offer it, but I agree with others that we should be demanding this approach. My taxes are paying for grade schools that extinguish the fire in my community's kids, that's not what I want my money to be spent on.

Author — Bill Voigt


Loved it. My 1st grader is in a public montessori, and we enjoy all those benefits, EXCEPT they must take standarized test, which severely strays from the Montessori concept. That part I hate, but Iove the light in my child's eyes and that she is not tired of school, and happy about being there.

Author — KarriMom


thanks for doing this, trevor. great tool for outreach.

Author — hartogsmith