Friday Noon Update on Hurricane Harvey

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Friday Noon Update on Hurricane Harvey 5

Levi Cowan creates videos and blogs pertaining to tropical cyclones, primarily hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean. Posts occasionally concern other, non-tropical weather events around the world. Levi is currently working on his masters degree in tropical meteorology at Florida State University, and completed his bachelors degree in applied physics with a concentration in atmospheric physics at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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Thanks Levi. Again, I don't think you can underestimate the danger this storm will present to folks both on the coast and inland.

Author — BatteryH1862


Thank you! This video made the situation easy to understand.

Author — MsYumpickles


Thanks, Levi. Excellent coverage and explanations of what's happening with Harvey. Looks like the storm is very close to landfall now, maybe 8:00-8:30 CDT. The rainfall amounts from this storm over the next five days are likely to be truly historic. Combined with the storm surge, staying behind to ride this one out is a very foolish thing to do.

Author — Sar Jim


Really nice video. Thanks for explaining the processes.

Author — Jason Baumgartner


thanks Levi.
almost 13 years, eh?
those "rain wrapped" tornadoes on northeast bands, can be deadly
thanks for adding that in.

Author — Stephen Shaw


Where are the other Harvey updates, after landfall?

Author — Jx-dama !


Excellent information. Tell Pruitt there are no such things as climate change extremes.

Author — Mike Harrington


Worst case approach in relation to the curve of the coast. Nightmare scenario!

Author — Joe Momma


Poor Victoria, they are going to get it bad for days.

Author — Gardener Earth Guy