Global pollution: seeking solutions: BBC News Review

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Global pollution: seeking solutions: BBC News Review 5

An international delegation meet to avert environmental catastrophe. Dan and Catherine teach you how to use language from this news story in your everyday English.

The story:
Environment ministers from about a hundred countries are meeting in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, to try to finalise a declaration to combat pollution.

Challenges include banning the use of toxic lead in paint and limiting the amount of plastic that finds its way into the ocean.

Key words and phrases:
a highly destructive event

formal agreement

increasingly out of control

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Love the way you teach the focused words because you have provided the clear examples that make me understand what those words mean. Also, your information is really up-to-date. Keep uploading. I'm your big fan. Thank you.

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I literally loved the way you guys are explaining with so ease and in a understanding manner
Thanks for the valuable videos

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By god my friend gave me this Chanel and really I could improve my english skill.

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all of bbc learning english are really worthwhile video .thank you for your program ..great !!

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Good pair with high level wisdom invites a lot of people to watch this programme.this programme made me to remember three incidents
The rampant environmental catastrophes have been hitting many a country and the armageddon potentially affecting the economy. In order to support each other the leaders have made pact between many countries

Author — Akhila Palakattil


Thanks so much for all what you do everyday for us

Author — 416AMQ78


Lovely pronunciation is in action while dealing with serious issues.

Author — Ольга Медведева


Amazing program guys! I always watch your videos and you are now becoming "family friends" 😊

Author — Mauro Castagnera


No treat November😂 Reminds me of something🤔 You guys are amazing!

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The rampant desire to eat sweets, caused to my body irreparable damage : gaining weight, loosing my beautiful teeth, hardening arteries, diabetes, and early senility . Is it inherited certainly not. I could only blame, the rampant desire of the food producing conglomerate for profit and Education system has kept me in the dark.

Author — engin


Global international action to a response by a resolve to reduce a plastic amount in scale.

Author — Richard Goode


Yes exactly.. Like the Philippines a more climate change to river.

Author — alvin ayuson


I love it.I am glad when I add English subtitles to this program!

Author — saikoro5


The covid-19 pandemic has lead world economic Armageddon

Author — Doc Khan


Interesting to learn the things.. we are not bored.

Author — Sashi Liyana


This programme reminded me that russia sighned a nonagression pact and attacked us despite of that.

Author — Sinfaroza Sinfaroza


When I heard the word "pact" without context I thought she'd picked up "packed", even though I knew both of those words.

Author — mitokyo


Need help.
I have devised a machine prototype to clean solid floating waste from water bodies mainly plastic.
Need help to get it implement to check the original product suitibility and feasibility.
Can anyone help me?

Author — Shrey Bhardwaj


The situation in the world seems to lead to the Armageddon.
Last year we made a pact and haven't broken it yet.
The number of sick people is increasing it's rampant for us.

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This program helps me a lot in learninig English l love it 🇸🇾

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