How To Make Rocket Fire Stove🔥 | Primitive Style Rocket Fire Stove 🔥 | Primitive Life Reborn

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How To Make Rocket Fire Stove🔥 | Primitive Style Rocket Fire Stove 🔥 | Primitive Life Reborn 4.5

How To Make Rocket Fire Stove🔥 | Primitive Style Rocket Fire Stove 🔥 | Primitive Life Reborn

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The purpose of making this videos is to show the audience that survival without our modern tools is still possible. Still, we have hundreds of methods to build something useful out of nothing. There are certain primitive survival skills of which humans from this modern world can utilize their very own natural raw resources for their betterment.

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💬 Comments on the video

That truly is amazing. Wud live to try n build one. Great job..

Author — Tammy Merrick


You are right ! We have full enjoyed it and we thank you for this demo, from our deep heart's, 👌👍💪👐

Author — Jayana Nagar


Reduce my electricity bill, reduce natural gas and propane use. Stop the flow of money back to utility companies. Heck yea! I will build these and use them. Great job guys, thank you!

Author — TJ


Your oven makes great and useful, I love it!

Author —


Typical stoves on road side Dhabas in Pakistan.

Author — SilentDua


Esta muy Bien! You guys did a great job on your rocket stove, you are very skilled craftsmen. Thanks for making the video.

Author — J. A. Hunsinger


I love the making of this video. No loud mouth BS blah blah. Simple, quiet and they get on with the job perfectly!!

Author — Joe Andrews


Love it! Cob building rocket stove! I just gotta make this!
Thank you! Liked and subscribed, too.

Author — PaintFlicker


I love to learn more premitive life a simple life

Author — Shiarmie Basuel


Q lindo os cantos dos pássaros.deve ser maravilhoso morar no lugar em q a gente ouvi todos os dias todo momento 🙏🙏

Author — Heni Barros


I love you guys work and how you make everything look so easy if one just pays attention. Awesome awesome job

Author — J knowledgenet


Super sir, excellent, stove is nice, hats of u both sir, but mud stove it will not broken no

Author — S.Meenakshi Anand


Nice but too low to ground. How about building one that is elevated to your height

Author — gladtidings4all


Maravilhoso, parabéns!!! Eu quero um desse.

Author — Helen Chaves


Brilliant! It is so simple but you two did it beautifully.
Thank you both.

Author — Doctor Fairlight


wow! that is impressive. How long does the clay on the oven last? is the clay you uset just dirt and straw? Thank you for sharing

Author — beth crist


Love that you have 3 cooking areas on your stove. Now, add an oven for me !!

Author — Yo mama


Love the craftsmanship. Makes my knees hurt just watching this being built

Author — Carl Loftin


Posso fazer ele o dobro mais alto? POIS É para cozinha usar😉mas esse ficou muito bom👍🏽👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😘😘

Author — Nilma Nascimento


Thank you for doing this. Can you make a vegetarian version so I can share with my friends?

Author — Suchandra Dasi