Homemade Leaf Bagger (advantages)

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Homemade Leaf Bagger Revisited

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This is great! I just picked up an Exmark Pioneer 52” to add alongside my Ferris FW15. I was looking at buying a dump cart to tow behind the Exmark and do a diy set up with that, but then I was looking at having to buy a new trailer in order to make that set up work. I only have a little 5x8 for now, but it does the job and I can ramp the Ferris into my truck using ATV ramps. The Exmark fits snug and this will save me a boat load until I really have to upgrade my trailer. Thanks for the tutorial and demonstration.

Author — JP


Getting it done 1 way or another I say lol ! Awesome. I will definitely try this this year for sure .Thanks for the tip .

Author — snake madness


Dude. I just ordered a side bagger. This is so bad ass. I can't wait until leaf clean up season. Thank you so much for sharing

Author — Joe Dryna


Hey Randy thanks for this Information and a Great Video Man 😁

Author — Glenn Evitt


You can cut slits a few inches back from the opening and weave in a lashing strap through to secure it on as well

Author — tacocat


Do you have a video on the breathable tarp that you added to the top (and perhaps sides) of your Accelerator bagger to try to keep the dust down?

Author — Steven Clark


Any tips for getting the leaves to go to the back of the bag? It always seems to plug up just after the accelerator.

Author — Brandon Adams


Great low cost option to bag leaves quickly!

Author — Scout Lawn Care


This was the first time I seen your video and started to follow you

Author — Ackerman Lawn Care


Ive used this idea with the grass gobbler and a walk behind and it was a GAME CHANGER for my business. The only thing is as a practice i always mulch then use the bagger and man its amazing

Author — bobby childers


Very well done! Very educational and helpful.

Author — Fence Armor


Would not have been able to have gotten through leaf season without one this fall.

Author — Andrew Iovanna


Very interesting. I never thought of this.

Author — The King's Courtyard Lawn Care Service


Great cost effective idea. Next year I will be rocking the burrito leaf bag.

Author — Jeff Pratt


Can you attach it directly to the chute if you don’t have a grass catcher? TIA

Author — Ronald Graham


Where do you dump leaves if your in a urban areas?

Author — Mark Plaisted


They work good I use one for two leaf seasons

Author — Oscar Porras


My second season using mine. I made belt loops using zip ties and Harbor Freight Lashing Straps (1" x 12 ft 2pack), Heavy Duty Tarp 5'-6" x 7'-6" and total materials was under $11 in my area. The 4.4 cu. ft. grass catcher plus 20 cu. ft. tarp capacity will yield around 19.52 bushels. Assuming 75% full rate is still 15 bushels making it quite impressive for only a few Dollars. Thanks for sharing this one with me it has been invaluable.

Author — steve freelove


That tarp.look, ed like 6by8 foot tarp love the use of the remaster, ed led zepplin stair way to heaven 😁😀😄😃👍

Author — Robert Mailhos


Are those thermal overalls your wearing? What brand?

Author — Gwinnett Lawns