Avenged Sevenfold - Almost Easy 291k 100% FC (Expert Pro Drums RB4)

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RB2 disc song FC!

The kit I'm playing on is a Roland TD-4kp. I'm on XBOX One and use the Madcatz 360 Midi Pro Adapter with the PDP Wired Legacy Adapter to play RB4 with this kit.

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reading some of the comments i cant believe how dense some people are not knowing that base game rockband doesnt have 2x bass pedal. rockband has been around since 2008 and people are throwing flak left and right at something us players wish was standard.

Author — grandladybug


Love to see A7X on your list of FCs. Nicely done!

Author — thatguywholies


Jimmy is not dead...he went to give God drumming lessons <3

Author — LuckyXtension GH


Awesome man that is great. I love A7X keep it up man

Author — Kaos1391


Can we just appreciate how well rhythm games actually recreate The Rev's double ride technique for the charts?

Author — Savage W0lf


Another song I hope is made into a rewind soon

Author — Dallas Mann


I was worried you weren't gonna get a 5 star

Author — Chad


man this guy is good he should probably be in a band

Author — Ayden Hinkle


I want this song and God Damn so bad, but I'm broke... :(

Author — kiwinglo


This is the song I've been hunting for to see somebody like him do it.

Author — Monkeyman Lomobata6005


Where do you find these songs off the computer or is there something else like I want to do these songs where do you go for them ?

Author — storm_dog _482


Where did you get your drum set from? Your playing is off the charts by the way, love your stuff.

Author — Unseen Aura


Song isn't 100% if you don't sing the Rev's part too 😂

Author — Elucid


Does anybody know what those orange/white lines mean? I've never played Rockband or Guitar Hero so I don't know

Author — Bean Mitch


Hey, will your kit work with ps4?? Always wanted a set like that, but I want a set that would work. Ps. How do you hit those kick notes?? I do heel toe, but fuck no I can't get that fast!!!!

Author — DayminFear


I have the exact same kit and was wondering how did you get an extra cymbal?

Author — ED


I literally cant get these fast parts down with my pedal. Any tips? I think it could be my technique, I do it too fast to the point of me shaking my feet.

Author — MJeyy


Are the points scored differently on rb4, because I just fced this on rb2 and it was only 210k?

Author — Ray Jones


Hey man!
Awesome video, you're pretty good!
Did you set this drum yourself? Or did you buy it?
Could tell me how or where did you get it?
I just have a GH drum that is much better than the original's RB, but still feels awkward cuz I have to hit tom for a ride cymbal you know?

Author — Kevin Silva


can you please tell me how you got the song on rock band 4

Author — TheMadWeazel