Perkele! Finland Strikes Back - WW2 - 016 15 December 1939

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Perkele! Finland Strikes Back - WW2 - 016 15 December 1939 5

In the second week of the Winter War, during multiple counteroffensives, including the famous Sausage War, the Finnish Defence Forces dash any hopes of a quick victory that the Red Army and Stalin might have had.

Written and Hosted by: Indy Neidell
Produced and Directed by: Spartacus Olsson and Astrid Deinhard
Executive Producers: Bodo Rittenauer, Astrid Deinhard, Indy Neidell, Spartacus Olsson
Creative Producer: Joram Appel
Research by: Indy Neidell
Editor: Wieke Kapteijns
Map animations: Eastory

Coloring by Spartacus Olsson

A TimeGhost chronological documentary produced by OnLion Entertainment GmbH

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Thanks for reading, and now.... let’s make history!

Author — World War Two


I'm looking forward to the compilation of every time Indy picks up the phone in about 6 years.

Author — clemsonpacer1


As a Finn, I heartily approve the usage of "PERKELE" in the title.

Author — ferrari43able


Way to go, Stalin. Maybe next time feed your army decently so they don't stop their crucial encirclement manoeuvre for the enemy's sausage soup.

Author — Teddy


Man these Russians don’t know how to fight. I bet Germany could take out the soviets within a month! They should name the operation something cool like Operation Barbarossa...

Author — Grishnikov


Did you know that the Finnish translation for "to screw [something] up" is "to do a Russian" (ryssiä)?

Author — Kopf


Finland Strikes Back
Indy starting with saying “Do it”
Nice Star Wars references
This content is unchallengeable! Keep it up!

Author — Indiana Jones


Guy on the phone: I got some steaks.

Indy: Uh huh.

Guy on phone: Gonna put some peppercorn sauce on it if you want.

Indy: Do it.

Author — RicardoD957


*Soviet Union was kicked from the chat by the admin*

Author — kingsofserbiangameplay 162


These map animations are getting to be really, really good. I always admire how well the narration, footage, maps, and quotes all fit together so cohesively and interestingly. Great work!

Author — DinosaurFilms


Soviet attack on Finland in the Winter has Conrad Von Hötzendorf written all over it

Author — Indiana Jones


You might say the Russians were finnished...

Author — TheThomasites


Around 3500 Estonian men who felt brotherhood with the finns and anger towards the soviets crossed the sea and went to fight on the side of Finland. Feeling that Estonia was given up without a shot, this seemed like a chance to repay the soviets and if by miracle Finland were to win, maybe the Baltic could also be saved.
When the estonians returned they were called soumenpoika or 'finnish boys' and although without their weapons, they brought valuable experience for the when the winds of war started to blow over Estonia.
Their song is still remembered and can be heard if you look up 'untsakad- öö pime'. The song starts with saying goodbye to the estonian coast as they are going to Finland and ends with saying goodbye to the finnish coast, reds blood will be spilled back at home.

Author — Tarmo Kolsar


My grandfather fought there as a private. He hadn't talked much back in the days about what he saw there. He was a journalist prior to the war and in those days anyone could just disappear in hands of mighty NKVD. He had relatives that were loosely connected to the Tsar. Not a big deal but he was questioned many times and he thought that he can get away from this mess by joining the army. He joined it three months before the war. He said that he stayed alive just because of two factors.

First. He was native to Karelian soil. So it was easier for him to live through the winter and he knew the terrain well.
Second. He told only funny stories from the front. He said that since he was expecting to fight, he brought with him lots of ammo and even two Nagant revolvers just in case, but suddenly met an old soldier that served in tsarist army that hadn't had much of ammunition. He had lots of socks, jackets and mittens! He laughed at him... and after some time this old soldier saved his life by lending him some spares that he brought with him.

Good show, Indy! It becomes more and more professional looking! Animations are amazing. Enjoyed maps with precise terrain markings.

Author — Cyril Liss


The Soviet army seems as incredibly disorganised, arrogant and pompous as the Austria-Hungarian Empire did in 1914.

July 1914: "Oh will, quickly disperse of Serbia and have peace before christmas!"

Nov/Dec 1939: "We will have taken Finland in time for Comrade Stalin's birthday!"

Actually, the whole birthday thing, reminds me of a in-game video from the video game "Command & Conquer: Red Alert" - Nadia: "It is vital to the public and the war effort, that we take Berlin before Comrade Stalin's birthday!"

Author — Martin S.


Much respect to Finland!
-From: A guy in Texas.

Author — Texas Kosmonawt


It's strange that Russia of all places doesn't know that invading snowy countries in winter is a bad plan.

Author — One of Many James-es


There’s no way Germany is observing this and thinking of Barbarossa...

Author — Indiana Jones


Invade Finland, they said. It'll be fun, they said.

Author — E350tb


- USSR, are you afraid of the death?
- No, why should I?
- What about the white one?
- ...

Author — Ivan Tsolov