Subramanian Swamy in Aap Ki Adalat (Full Episode)

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Subramanian Swamy in Aap Ki Adalat (Full Episode) 4.5

Watch Subramanian Swamy questioned by India TV's Editor-in-chief Rajat Sharma in Aap Ki Adalat. BJP leader Subramanian Swamy revealed the truth behind Sunanda Pushkar death and National Herald case. He attacks Congress President Sonia Gandhi and vice-president Rahul Gandhi. He speaks on controversial topics like Ram mandir of Ayodhya and Taj Mahal.

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I want subramanian swamy to be finance minister of India .

Author — Mohit Kumar


all of opposition party members combine haven't even an inch of a brain of Dr. Swamy

Author — Ronakk Patel


subramaniam swamy rocks!!! he should be our next Prime Minister.

Author — Nirmal Singha


Mr Subramanian Swamy should be national advisor to PM.

Author — Dhruvil Purani


I wish he would be young man but he is 75 years old.... He is hero

Author — Bhupender Singh Sodha


"Mulayam Singh ko main bahut saalo se jaanta hun, wo Hanuman ka bhakt hai usko samjha dunga" Awesome

Author — Nitesh Kumar Chaudhary


kapil sibbal zero k aage gin nahn sakta....mast line boli hai😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Himanshu Tyagi


finish congress, they are most communal and corrupt party. they are the main reason for all the misery here.

Author — zafar sadik


Not a BJP supporter but like this guy he has logical and rational arguments.

Author — Viman82


Kudos to one-man-army Dr Subramanian Swamy who - won IIT case against Indira Gandhi, heroic entry in parliament during emergency, pulled down 4 govt including vajpayee's, saved Rama Setu and Nataraja temple, fought for Nirbhaya, stopped Shariah banking in Kerala, sent Amma/Raja/Kanimozhi to jail, stopped Rafael jets deal, exposed EVM fraud, exposed famous 2g scam, now National Herald and made gandhis appear in court as accused, fighting for Sunanda Pushkar, Ram Mandir, cases like Hashimpura, Aircel Marxis in his kitty. love this Man of spine.

Author — Viksu P


He is batter then Anna Hazare in all forms

Author — Ashish Rawal


Dr. Subramanian Swami is the avatar of Sw. Vivekananda.. Born to enlighten us hindus to unite and save the ancient light of the world namely Sanathan Dharma from the stupid radical barbaric cult of Islam.. we can already see the results of Dr. Swami's efforts, BJP back in power in India, India uniting with secular forces of the world n attaining our rightful place of a super power, which is all going only one way. . destruction of the barbaric islam and a free, safe and progressive peaceful world

Author — Just A Travelling Soldier


He is as good as Mr. Modi, please Mr. Modi take him seriously, One of the purest human being on earth.

Author — Bharat Sharma


mai ek merchant navy official hun aur duniya me kai desh ghooma hun . har ek non-muslim desh me log muslims se nafrat karte hain aur mujhe lagta hai ki iske zimmedar muslims khud hain .



ram mandir banega bandhu
kashi bhi khilega bandhu
40000 mandiron ko kuchla thha
bas vote kare chal Bhajpa ko
eid ka chand hoga har masjid bandhu
Har Har Modi

Author — Rahul


muslim aunty at 27:00 tried to act oversmart. Swami Sir gave her a fitting reply!!! Jai Swamiji!!

Author — Harsha Kamath


Tension leneyka nahi ..tension deneka ... m so glad he digged that sunanda pushkar case .. bloody shashi tharoor!!

Author — Sugandha Dogra


swami better than kejriwala and modi who is doing somthing for india.

Author — Mobi Tech


"mulayam singh ko main bahut saal se jaanta hun ...vo hanuman ka bhakt hai usko samjha dunga" - ultimate swag Mr. Swamy !!

Author — Nidhi Dubey


my babaji use to talk like this.. i love him.. i love him.. i love hm..

Author — Dhruv Tripathi