These Are 10 Bulldog Breeds

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Bulldogs were once aggressive and brave dogs, bred for bull-baiting.
In time, they evolved into the docile and friendly companion dogs we see today.
But they still retain the courageousness and alertness that these dogs once needed.
They’ve come a long way since their days as fighters, and the modern Bulldogs are proof.
There are so many types of Bulldogs, each with their own unique characteristics and charm.
In fact, plenty have unfortunately already gone extinct.
In this video We’ve compiled a list of the 10 most popular and unique Bulldog types.

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I love the english bulldog they're handsome and they just look like they move through life at their own pace also they seem like loyal friends to their owners.

Author — Vincent DiNunno


Loved watching the video, you should check out the ‘Patty Potamus the Bulldog’ channel, they’re new but I love watching their videos !! ❤️🐶

Author — Abbi Evans-Keeling


I've had two aussie bulldogs. Healthier than it's English counter part. My male lived to 14.5 years. Great dogs. I might own one again oneday

Author — Kseries Dan


I have an 4 month old black Alano Español. He is a softie and very scared of us. I think that's how bull dogs are suppose to act, but maybe he had an rough past or is still sad he was taken from his family. He is very stubborn tho. I have to clean le poop and pee of him in le house. T^T

Author — Dayziez


English Bulldog my fave they are soooo cute...

Author — Sdh_di_atur


O.E.B for me! I have an amazing Olde English Bulldogge. They are so tolerant of children, agile, strong, protective, loyal, smart, chill, funny, low barking, pain in the asses, gremlin noise making, love machines !!!!

Author — Alessandro Pepe


80th like! I used to have a English bulldog

Author — Albert the Bulldog’s World


I have British bulldog!

They are on my profile pic!

Now we are getting a American pocket bully!!

There is two dogs dog on my profile pic it’s bc one of them went to gables farm and they named him...

Author — Puppy Luv


Englishbull dog is my fav lol 😂 I own one myself

Author — Elizabeth Church


0:00 i thought they all r bulldogs🙄

Its okay,
I don't know anything about dogs😅

Author — Adithyan Benoy


This video was very informative... never knew there was SOOO many types of Bulldogs... gotta send this to my neighbor who recently got a "Bulldog"... betcha he's gonna be surprised!



Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog is my personal favorite, but I got a 6month old puppy, so I'm biased 🤣

Author — Vegar Berger


The Mallorcan/Majorcan Bulldog that you are calling "Kay day Baow" is pronounced (käh/khäh déh bóh)

Author — Karen Mullen


The alano is very much like the Argentina dogo, , they are breeding in the u.k and are doing really well with protection work a very nice all rounder, it's a breed to look out for

Author — Ros Fry


Love my Bronzed Seal English Bulldog ❤ only breed I will get.

Author — HVC KEY


There's the Pacific Bulldog and Shorty Bulldog to name a few. There are numerous others then on this list

Author — Voodoochild67


Olha eu só apaixonada em cachorros está é a minha paixão

Author — Maria Helena Silva


american bulldog is the only one for me. they are the sweetest pet i have ever had.

Author — catherine williams


im here cause i watched too many admiralbulldog videos Sadge

Author — KayJay -


I have two Alapaha bulldogs, not looking back. 👍 😀

Author — Grune D