Visiting Arnhem Land

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Visiting Arnhem Land 5
We’ve been a lot of places in our travels, but Australia still tops the list for us in terms of beauty. No place more so than our trip to Arnhem Land in 2012. As if we needed any more examples of why the planet is worth looking after...

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The perfect combination of two Australian cultures

Author — Youtube Account


How beautiful is this place. This is what it looks like when people take care of their land instead of exploiting it for money.

Author — Stella


haha hamish and andy are the best. mad respect to the indigenous people of the land

Author — Far King Oath


I used to live up in Arnhem Land in a small town called Nhulunbuy aka Gove and everyone there are the nicest people lived there for 10 year and sadly had to move. Great fishing aswell

Author — Caleb North


Hamish waving the ants at the little kid 😂😂

Author — Wylie Harrington


Im so proud to be Australian, because of these two.

Author — natureboy tom


You know this is an older video since Hamish in 2019 would not miss a chance to get naked

Author — qwertyoscar


People of the land, how it is meant to be.

Author — T’s Life


Watching This just makes me watch season 3 of Black AS to come back!..

Yeah brudda. ☝️👍👍

Author — LJ Jackson


I love Arnhem land and the people 😍😍😍😍😍 it's beautiful country... this is the real Australia

Author — coolrunnings


Timi Jawa (probably spelled wrong) is an awesome individual.

Author — Brutal Marshmello


Should've done this with Russell Coight.

Author — Zoe Ronchi


Hahahaha lol 🤣😆😂 Hamish and Andy having lots of fun and different lifestyle culture experiences

Author — Samantha Jones


I would love to live there for a while

Author — Josh Nim


20 nobs actually disliked this. Proof you can’t please everyone

Author — Megan Cox


Could anyone give me the name of the native plants used as a contraceptive?

Author — Duckybox Music


As long as they respect them and their culture. I’m always weary when I see 👦🏻👨🏻‍🦰🧔🏻 in other parts

Author — Bianca B


They say that about dogs too, a finger in the ass stops animals tearing your arm off apparently

Author — May