Whitesnake - Is This Love (Official Music Video)

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Whitesnake - Is This Love (Official Music Video) 5

You're watching the official music video for Whitesnake - "Is This Love" from the album 'Whitesnake' (1987). "Is This Love" reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and was originally written for Tina Turner.

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Brasileiros que tiverem aqui deixem seu like!

Author — Douglas S Barbosa


this song would always play during car rides from out of town

Author — Yee Yee


I feel so lucky that I was a teenager in the 80s, the best decade ever .

Author — MaLongFan


I'm building a time machine and hurdle myself back to 80's and early 90's, does anyone wanna join me ?

Author — Private Snapper


The 80s must have been a great decade!

Author — Kasia Gie


May 2020 I'm loving this music and never gets old

Author — Jason Hutchens


who else listening during quarantine? Mommy is wilding and the kids are staring like "is this my mom?"

Author — Zuzana Kalafusova


Alguien más escucha la mejor música en cuarentena 2020 👏🏻

Author — franky devid nuñez


Nunca nadie jamás podrá superar lo que fue la música de los 80' un clásico maravilloso.... arriba las manitos quien lo escucha marzo 2020 😍😍

Author — Maruu Feijóo


Beautiful song from 80's, , in 48 years old and still love this gem, anybody else in 2020?👍 thank you all for the likes, I never got this much, love to all.

Author — Adan Arceo


Back then, we all didn't have cable. Radio was king and our emotions/life was everything:) I grew up in the era of LIFE

Author — jason taylor


Alguém ouvindo em maio de 2020 em plena quarentena?

Author — Guilherme M.


one day, this comment section will be invaded by Jojo comments. Mark my words

Author — escuadronnf


Essa época desse ter sido demais né, esses cabelos essas roupas muito dahora.

Author — Samuel Vanderson


Quem nasceu na década errada da joinha

Author — Super3D CG


The people that dislike this song don't know what love is.

Author — CajunCraze


When this video came out I was married but I thought about hot she was, but now she looks like hell, and my wife is still hot, but damm.

Author — Hank


when i was about 5, my mother was on a killing streak of break-ups, as a result we used to move a lot. Ofc i was just a child back then, so i didnt really mind, but when i was about 6, she hooked up with single person and finally decided to stay. We only moved once, to a new home, and all of my memories from when i was 7 were my childhood. I never had any irl friends, I would always be alone most of the time, apart from meeting my cousin and father from time to time. I remember this song, because this is what my mother would sing, with my new stepfather playing it on guitar. I found it very cheesy and never liked the song... Well, up until now. My mother broke up again, found her new "true love", so I got fed up and moved to my fathers place when I was around 15. Right now im 17 and decided to listen to this again, now i kinda understand the irony of this song, that maybe even if you think youve found the one other part of you that youve longed for, it never means its true, because affection is never "truth", its a human emotion that wears down as it progresses.

Author — roliz


Love this song. Don't care how old i get lol 43 and still love the 80s and 90s ❤❤❤

Author — missshaunaduck


Posso dizer que vivi a época de ouro da música. Dançava de rosto colado, tinha amores de infância, mandava bilhetinhos por outra pessoa, às vezes chorava escondido por alguém, rsrs... Tudo isso sem ser chamado de idiota...

Author — Adauto R. Sampaio