New IWI TS12 Bullpup 12ga Shotgun

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We take the new IWI TS12 12ga shotgun out for a spin. The TS12 is a bullpup design made by the Israeli company IWI. The TS12 is relatively light weight, holds 15 rounds of 12ga shotgun ammo and works with most common sights and MLOK accessories. So how does the IWI TS12 12ga fair in our first day of testing?

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I get a lot of questions about items we use in video here's a current list of items I get questions about:

Author — Military Arms Channel


Gun manufacturer: “ This gun runs flawlessly.” Tim: “ Hold my beer.”

Gum manufacturers R & D department: “We are going to send a sample gun to Tim at the Military Arms Channel.” Everyone in the R & D department starts to cringe.

Someone: “Was Tim ever in the military?” Breaks every gun. “Oh, so he was a Marine.” 😂😁

Author — Second Amendment


This shotgun is literally number one on my want list right now. I've never owned anything from IWI before but dang do I want too! Thanks Tim, excellent review brotha!

Author — AlphaRomeo-OneFive


This is why I like watching your show. You suffer the same misfortunes as I do when testing new firearms, and you have no problem showing it. Keep up the good work.

Author — Colonel K


Really well thought and and documented from break in to easy cycling. I like that you went back to the rounds that were harder to cycle and demonstrated that they cycle easier. Very well demonstrated.

Author — CitruSolution of Decatur


Just in my limited experience reloading, I've noticed fiocchi and rio hulls tend to jam in my benelli, owing to a slightly thicker rim. Even some super hot loads with a 1 1/2oz lead ball would fail to cycle. Federal, winchester, and remington hulls never gave me a problem. It was only ever with the fiocchi and rio stuff.

Author — Englematic


I had been lusting after the TS12 since its introduction at ShotShow 2018. Break-in and ammo issues aside, field takedown and reassembly, magazine removal, and even basic operation seem quite complex. I'd better stick with my 870. Thanks for a great review.

Author — gaspeople


I wish that was legal in my country.... One of the few guns I was able to buy after your review was the Beretta M9A3, and honestly I love it. I have hardly touched my Glock since I bought it.
Love your videos.
Cheers from Denmark.

Author — martindude


That actually amounted to a good comparative test across multiple ammo loadings/brands, on a cold day with a brand new shotgun that had not yet been broken in and then needed some additional lubrication (mag tube) during the testing. All in all, quite an informative demo!!!

Author — Eric Berman


I've used alot of Fiocchi Buck Shot (Its my favorite buck shot for the price and how it shoots) and I have found it to be alot softer shooting than most everything else that is roughly the same power (Weight/velocity). Great stuff for me but i've only ever ran it though pump guns, so i can't comment on how reliable it is for semi auto use....

Author — dcwillis87


This video was a big factor in my going ahead and purchasing this shotgun. Thank you

Author — Dade Soulja


I've always wanted a 12 gauge semi automatic revolver

Author — Bost Custom Music Writing


As always I love the innovation... that being said, this gun seems way over complicated.

Author — Colt Rainer


Thank you for doing a review on this weapon. I was hoping to see what you thought about it and I was not disappointed.

Author — randomandme


These are so cool. Man the 2nd gen of these are going to be the real deal. Great video and demonstration, ty.

Author — St Malibooya


"You be the judge." Now you need a meat target and a classic shooting jacket.

Author — Greg Camp


Mr Tim, I know you “don’t believe in break-in periods” which is fair. You believe a firearm should work right out of the box and a lot probably most do, but you have to understand that break-in is a physical act that happens with every firearm in the world finishes wear off on friction points and hard corners round. Mechanics and materials dictate what exactly happens. If it has parts that wear then it will have a break in period. If a slide has a tight tolerance to a frame and you put it through a break-in period it may l loosen and become the perfect fit. If a slide have the perfect fit out of the box it may break in and loosen. Just an example and my opinion as an Armorer, I’m also a just because you don’t need to clean your AK doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

Author — MediumUgly


Great stuff Tim, glad you guys can do these reviews for us. I wonder though, if you would get less gas (in your face) if you used the high setting, with the high brass loads. Other reviewers have said the two settings are for lower powered birdshot, and the high is for buckshot (generally speaking). You are the only to suggest the high setting is for 3" shells.

Author — Marz Capone


Excellent video, particularly because I just picked up my TS12. When not outside the house, I'll be using it for home defense, and I've added a double 18650 battery flashlight for extended night time use (and dual lasers as well). With all that capacity, has anyone come up with a coherent configuration of the TS12's 16 shell capacity using different types of 12 ga. shells, like 00 buck, #1 buck, slugs and slugs with 00 buck (and in high or low power), etc.?

Author — Richard Friend


I think this thing is halfway to being awesome. Instead of the 3 tube have a 4 tube...contained in a cylindrical housing. The cylindrical housing is sprung...maybe with a ribbon spring on the front of the "magazine" that you can torque it and have it 'pre-sprung' in just the separate magazine configuration. So, you have one of the cylindrical magazines...say 4 on your chest pouch....they are all pre sprung by previous rotation. You just pop it into the bottom of the gun the way the present gun is set cycle it...once you get to your 5th shot the ribbon spring automatically cycles the 4 tube cylinder and loads. You just keep on shooting without having to manually cycle the cylinder. You can pour through 20+1 shots without having to do anything but pull the trigger. When done just pop out the spent mag and pop a fresh one in. Fixed it for you IWI...donations would be greatly appreciated :D

Author — Marc State