'The Five' spar over who actually won the debate

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'The Five' spar over who actually won the debate 4.5

New fallout over the chaotic presidential debate leads to potential change in rules; 'The Five' weighs in. #FoxNews

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Biden was a terrible moderator for the Trump-Wallace debate.

Author — RiseAgainstDisciple


The president not only had to debate Wallace and Biden, but whoever was telling Biden what to say. He was wired.

Author — Karen Carter


Joe: "He thinks if he yells louder and louder..."

Also Joe: *Yells louder and louder*

Author — Zachary Braun


Biden refuses to tell the American people what he intended to do, Juan



Hey, if you know our PRESIDENT, you know he doesn't need a mic.

Author — Elton Holt jr.


If they try to mute Trumps microphone, He should just bring a bull horn as a backup.

Author — buddy5335


The only mic that should have been cut was Chris Wallace

Author — josh dombrowski


“He thinks that if he just yells louder and louder, says lie after lie, ” Biden yelling about himself in the 3rd person.

Author — Stuart Clark


The moment LYIN' BIDEN refused to answer a legitimate question, he LOST.

Author — D. V.


Joe Biden wasn't answering questions when he was given a chance. "Go vote" "shut up man" "I'm not answering that question" those were Bidens answers

Author — moneymike0816


Nancy Pelosi may be my least favorite human on this planet, and there are a lot of bad people out there...

Author — Zack Zwick


I am curious if when Biden talks about the "stark difference" he is talking about the debate between the President and Chris Wallace. After all he had a prime seat for that debate.

Author — Chris Johnson


Biden looks like a toddler about to cry cause he "didn't get his way, " and again, because they can't win, the Dems want to change the rules

Author — ADR3-N


To one and ALL OF MEDIA! I quote one of the candidates. “SHUT UP “. Nancy is right IT WAS SAD SO SAD THAT HER SHIP WENT DOWN!

Author — Kenneth Regan


Greg Gutfeld Hit the nail on the head!!!

Author — Chris Stephens


So good to see you all in 1 room again! Hi from Alberta, Canada 👌

Author — Harry Van Maanen


Biden started interrupting first which got it off the rails.

Author — Diane Lenning


Joe Biden is looking at the mirror when he said: "louder and louder, throws out lie after lie after lie" and pointing at the mirror.

Author — Aisa Pirti


It was a good debate, i hope it gets more intense.. I expect a bigger battle in the next debate

Author — SireN SoN of the SeA


Chris Wallace: "Hold on Joe, let me answer this one."

Author — James Howey