Top 5 Cultural Games at E3 - Gaijin Goombah

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This year at E3 was a crazy time full of new releases like Super Mario Odessey, Far Cry 5, Metroid Prime 4, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Beyond Good and Evil 2. However, my eye was carefully watching for new games with massive cultural inspirations to talk about in future videos. With that, here's my top 5 pick for games that have me the most excited for cultural analysis at E3!

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Goomba why does Cu Chulainn have a monstrous beast form? I need your intellect pls!



Ah the number one spot sounds amazing! I love harvest moon and rune factory. I hope it's on a system I can play.

Author — Evelyn Smeltzer


Thanks for the recommendation Gaijin, these all look so much fun to play! The game I'm holding out for though is Cuphead.

Author — As Always


Wait, did I hear a Japanese inspired beat em up with farming...That game is so up my alley. Shame I haven't heard of it till now. Thanks Gaijin!

Author — Ian Donlon


When i saw FFXIV, i have to laugh and cry, my favorite game, i LOVE to explore the new areas, it feels so great, so real! And damn, so beautiful! You learn a lot from the Sidequests about the people there, wonderful game.

Author — Yuubi Timbergrim


Note to self: Never look in the comments section of a video that has anything to do with Muslims unless you want to lose what little faith in humanity you have left.

Author — dimentiorules


I hope Cat in a Hijab does have more gameplay than being YoutuberBait walking sim, because the idea of getting in someone else's shoes & having the choice of NOT being an asshole seems pretty interesting

Author — ArtistaFrustrado - KFP Night Shift


Okay, The new Assassin's Creed is EGYPTIAN themed? Shut up and take my money!

Author — Michael Campbell


Thank you for mentioning Rune Factory games for their deep combo of combat and farming elements(oversimplified statement), its one of the gems that seems to either have been overlooked or completely missed by most.

Author — JustCozItsMe


Thank You! I never knew about the last game. Also, I don't know much of anything about rice farming. I'm really excited now.

Author — NekoKuroNeko


I would love a new okami like game that uses the same mechanics

Author — NoCioKu


Could you make a video on Grimm Fandango please? I know it's a very old game, but I have always liked how they refer to the mexican Day of the Dead. I wonder exactly how it was culturally influenced and how much of it is real.

Author — Yamitsuki Karasu


Yes! I LOVE Japanese inspired games like Sakuna and Final Fantasy Stormblood!

Author — moustapha diaby


I really wish I could play the new God of War. I'm so excited for them to be showing off norse culture. Also the game looks like it will have new gameplay options and an interesting story.



Dude I can't thank you enough for talking about Sakuna. It looks so cool and I probably wouldn't of known about it if you hadn't brought it up.

Author — ForestFairy1


pleeaaase maybe do more on 14? :D the expansion is so good

Author — Kira Aotsuki


I'm surprised there was no mention of Ever Oasis. I've been looking forward to that game quite a bit, and it has some very distinct style to it.

Author — Lily Carranza-Valdivia


AssCred Origins looks fantastic, and I'm not even an AC fan.

I also love the banter between your human and Goomba avatars. Lots of fun. Keep it up!

Author — XerxesTexasToast


Thanks for the heads up about Sakuna of Rice and Ruin. Gonna keep my eye out for that one.

Author — Gandro93


The Mario Odyssey Sand Kingdom is probably my favorite thing so far. As a man who is latino, I adored seeing all of that. I also loved the costume Mario got. (I loved how Raiden had the same thing in Metal Gear Rising)
I can't wait to see what other cultural inspired things are in the new Mario game. It's going to be so much fun.

Author — Alonzo Tompkins