Donald Trump Goes To Battle With Another War Hero

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Donald Trump Goes To Battle With Another War Hero 5
A week after skipping out on multiple ceremonies honoring veterans, Donald Trump is now lashing out at the war hero who led the charge to take out Osama bin Laden.

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Someone tweet Trump the address of the nearest burn center because Colbert lit his ass up tonight. That burn about his sons was 🔥.

Author — Christopher Smith


"He's a Hilary supporter, he's an Obama supporter."
Trump needs to learn that calling people Hilary and Obama supporters is not a real insult.

Author — Snack Time


Is Trump a wannabe dictator?

Who but a wannabe dictator puts thousands of children in cages just to hurt their parents?

Who but a wannabe dictator fires the head of the government agency that is investigating him, then tries to fire his replacement?

Who but a wannabe dictator invites his country's worst enemy to a meeting that excludes all of his own countrymen?

Who but a wannabe dictator hides 100% of his financial dealings from his own citizens?

Who but a wannabe dictator announces that not applauding for him is treason?

Who but a wannabe dictator tries to convince his citizens that the free press is their enemy?

Who but a wannabe dictator threatens to imprison his political rivals?

Who but a wannabe dictator demands a parade in his honor?

Who but a wannabe dictator openly scoffs and ignores his country's emoluments laws?

Who but a wannabe dictator tries to build a wall to keep a friendly neighbor's citizens out?

Who but a wannabe dictator uses his position to enrich himself?

Who but a wannabe dictator lies to his own people five thousand times in two years?

Who but a wannabe dictator has frequent rallies where he incites the crowd to violence with blatant lies?

Who but a wannabe dictator gives his children important government jobs?

Who but a wannabe dictator has top advisors who are all found guilty of felonies?

Who but a wannabe dictator hires actors to cheer for him at events?

Who but a wannabe dictator replaces his recused Attorney General with an unqualified, unconfirmed stooge whose only qualification is that he'll do whatever he's told?

Who but a wannabe dictator says repeatedly that he wants to be president for life?

Author — Todd Taliaferro


How is "Hillary Clinton backer" or "Obama backer" supposed to be an insult, incrimination, or retort of any sort. So what? What's your point? He's listing this guy's contributions to the nation and you're fixated on which party he votes for? Wow. About sums up what politics is like under Trump. False dichotomies to the extreme, playing sides, antagonizing. That's rather childish if I may say. Very childish even.

Author — Kevin Leugan


Tomi Lohren: "Its an insult to our brave men and women when Kapernick kneels"
Trump: 'We could have gotten him sooner without the admiral"
Love you Republicans. Stay nuts

Author — Tasmir aziz


As bad as things can get, it's damn nice to live in a country where you can openly insult the leaders. Some places you wouldn't just get fired, you would end up cut into little pieces in an embassy. America, you're a piece of work, but let's keep the free press alive!

Author — Structure Agency


Dont want to scare y'all but I'm Venezuelan and our dictator got asked the same thing by reporters in 1998 and he laughed and said that of course not, 5 years is enough for any president.
Later on, his speeches would say "till 2021 AND BEYOND!!!", he amended the constitution, etc. The only reason hes still not there is cuz he died of cancer but we have his hand picked successor so.... good luck USA.

Author — はゴミですAleks


Every time.

Every time we think he's done his stupidest thing yet, he one-ups himself.

Author — TrackpadProductions


Why the hell is Chris Wallace putting the idea of a 3rd term in Trump's orange mind? that Question almost gave me a heart attack...I can't even tolerate the idea this buffoon getting a second term!!

Author — lolalee


Everything about Trump makes sense if you realize he's just a pasty white dude cosplaying as a mafia boss.

Author — thesecondislander


Seriously how long are you going to allow this to continue? This man oozes darkness from every pore.

Author — 1kparmar


"I did not know" Whitaker had said that about the Mueller investigation-despite watching TV all day.
"I did not know" Kavanaugh had said that sitting presidents should not being investigated.
"I did not know" about the payment to Stormy Daniels.
"I did not know" about a meeting my son held in Trump Tower with a cart load of Russians.
"I did not know" Putin - despite my prior claims that I did know him.
"I did not know" about any contacts with Russians during my campaign -despite my habit of micro-managing everything & that most of the people on my campaign were there simply because of their connections with Russia.
"I did not know" any of the people Mueller has indicted & have pled guilty. I'm way too important to mix with coffee boys.

Well that's his base convinced - now he just needs to work on trying to convince the rest of America whose brains haven't shrunk in a hot wash cycle. Good luck with that!

Author — Elaine Brooksbank


Traitor Trump, dodged the draft five times. Traitor Trump does not honor our military. He is even the wicked witch of the east - the one that melts with water. His orange goop would run down his face and the glued construction on his head would crumble in the rain. Traitor Trump is a sad sick man.

Author — rosset4music


4:20 -- Wow Stephen: "Chris, what are you doing ? ..." That was funny creepy.

Author — tubularap


"Someone's criticizing you, Trump, why do you think that is?"
"Hillary Clinton."

Author — e8


As an active military service member I have to say that Donald Trump is an embarrassment to America

Author — Rob Hart


Holy cow. What a d-bag.
The admiral is a fricking legend amongst vets.

Author — Big Yeti Cane


Why is Trump so hostile toward Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton? Obama served his term as Trump's predecessor and is now a civilian, and Trump beat Hillary for the presidency by electoral process.

I wonder why Trump doesn't just get down to doing his duties as president, instead of devoting his entire being toward hatred and tweeting . . . all this takes time and time is something no other president ever had the time for this type of non-productive nonsense, meant simply to inflame his supporters to spew more lies and hatred about good people.

But Trump, oh yeah, plenty of time . . . . . . . to waste. Eat it up, Joe Lunchbucket and keep on supporting Trump. But a year from now, ask yourself if YOU are better off because of anything Trump did as president, or is it all an illusion?

Author — Kaptain Kid


I just have to say that Trump interrupted the newscaster with "A Hillary Supporter" but then said "excuse me" like the newscaster was the rude one for ignoring him when Trump was interrupting him...

Author — Joshua Park


Chris is letting the country know Trump is planning a dictatorship...

Author — Some One