Donald Trump Goes To Battle With Another War Hero

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Donald Trump Goes To Battle With Another War Hero 5

A week after skipping out on multiple ceremonies honoring veterans, Donald Trump is now lashing out at the war hero who led the charge to take out Osama bin Laden.

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"excuse me - HILLARY CLINTON FAN."
he sounds like a literal child.

Author — entertain7us14


i never detested a public figure more than the blob.

Author — Behabtwa


"He's a Hilary supporter, he's an Obama supporter."
Trump needs to learn that calling people Hilary and Obama supporters is not a real insult.

Author — Snack Time


"We should have caught Osama bin Laden much sooner!"
Yeah, sure, captain bonespurs...

Author — Maria Hammarström


Why not send him to the frontline in Syria so he can show the world how he all alone wins in combat!😂

Author — margareta saarenpää


If our President were not suffering from life threatening bone spurs and fear of rain, he would have single handedly killed Osama years ago.

Author — John Holt


"Today the President tripped on the White House lawn. Rather than getting up or calling for help, he merely called gravity a Hillary supporter and laid there for the rest of the day."

Author — MWSin1


WHO CARES WHO HE IS A FAN OF?! He served this country for 37 yrs. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SEVICE

Author — Staci Jnz


Someone could cure cancer and he'd say they were terrible if they voted for Hillary. "Clinton supporter, I could cure cancer, should have been invented years ago. Bigly."

Author — Sarah Benson


Every time 45 opens his mouth he blatantly reveals he knows nothing about government. And his brain dead supporters in and out of government don’t care.

Author — Ms Sunshine


Never have I ever heard a president whine so much about his opponent years after winning the office.

Author — Armie of One


If only captain bonespurs was as good at killing terrorist as he was dodging taxes.

Author — Uptin Sinclaire


Trump - "I'm ok with taking the blame, as long as I can blame that blame on someone the secret service, our military, women, children, black know, pretty much anyone who doesn't fight back...ok?"

Author — Xero Terragoth


It's sad that a late night TV host knows more about being president than the actual president.

Author — Louis Foley


Centuries from now, as
archaeologists dig through
the strata of what was America,
they'll have one question to answer:
In the 2016,
what, exactly, compelled them to
elect a man/potato hybrid as their
Chief Executive?

Author — Merendo Bereglidditz


It's funny how others know more about politics then 45.

Author — Taheerah Taylor


"Little Adam Schitt" What kind of a person, let alone the President Of The United States would say crap like this?? Well, I will tell you: An immature, narcissistic, puerile individual who had to be put into a reformatory school at age 13 because his parents were unable to control him. That institution he went to was not a place young boys go to in preparation for the military. He likes to pretend it was a preparatory school for West Point. No! It wasnt! It's where brats go who are unable to abide by rules.
Doesn't sound like they had much success with him.

Author — Anne Holz


Guy’s a decorated soldier, a civil servant and a citizen of the country so therefore entitled to his own, opinions so long as it didn’t hamper his jobs, just as the two FBI agents are entitled to their own opinions as long as it didn’t hamper their jobs. Trump reacting like that shows his inaptitude for leadership and governance

Author — Marlo York Rodriguez


As an active military service member I have to say that Donald Trump is an embarrassment to America

Author — Rob Hart


I am sure trump thought he was so clever adding t's where there are f's in Schiff's name. Not that we needed more evidence before, but he literally has the mental capacity of a 10 year old.

Author — B Kat K