The art of misdirection | Apollo Robbins

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The art of misdirection | Apollo Robbins 5

Hailed as the greatest pickpocket in the world, Apollo Robbins studies the quirks of human behavior as he steals your watch. In a hilarious demonstration, Robbins samples the buffet of the TEDGlobal 2013 audience, showing how the flaws in our perception make it possible to swipe a wallet and leave it on its owner's shoulder while they remain clueless.

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"Sorry Joe, while you were focused on the chip, I married you wife and raised you kids."

Author — EliDem


If he's that good can he steal my keyboa

Author — Vincent Santiago


Guy changed his clothes and removed his tie without anyone noticing

Author — poketdoom


That's nothing. My ex-wife stole my house, my car, and my dog.

Author — mmm, Bacon


This guy could steal the rest of my comment and

Author — Abi


Imagine trying to rob this guy, you'll end up stealing a shrimp and he ends up stealing your money, gun, car keys and phone

Author — STAR-LARS-010


Fun fact: you will never have a name this cool

Author — Vincent Hübschmann


He did the poker chip thing multiple times and I never caught it

Author — Sam Anderson


He changed his shirt while giving back his clicker to the clerk lady and I didnt even notice until he told us later...

Author — Dendran Gardner


This guy Vs. That guy who was on that Steve Harvey show.

Author — BakaTaco


He literally fooled us too by changing his shirt while going back to stage
and we didn't realized it
that was an evil mode right there!

Author — GOHAR ALI


i swear to god I just blinked for one second and now my whole damn house is missing

Author — Penguin Guy17


imagine he actually stole like a ring or something and the TEDtalk was just a distraction lol

Author — KJbro Channel


“Don’t have to close your eyes this time. What am I wearing”

Me:.... *It’s rewind time.*

Author — Shiney Thao


A guy in subway showed me this video, at the end i couldn’t find my wallet, it was pretty cool

Author — Tuna Parlar


4:43 It's around here his fake shirt and tie come off, he most likely only had some form of front piece on and simply removed it whilst looking away from everyone.

Author — skrot schmobbler


And this is him doing it while trying to show people.

Imagine how stealthy he is when he was doing it to actually steal.

Author — I'm just some Canadian guy and I say


I remember being in Costa Rica, and some random guy was trying to pat me in a friendly manner as he was trying to sell me something, I told him right away not to touch me. I eventually decline whatever he was selling, as I was walking away, he called me out and gave me a thumbs up, probably because I saw through his act.

Author — Nipplehook


Me: Frank did you see that?
My Frank: what? I was looking for something that he just asked.
Me: rewatching the video

Author — Fishing Treatment


Who else went back to see how he lost his shirt and tie

Author — Paul Nurse