Hitler's Final Moments

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Hitler's Final Moments 4.5
A phone operator trapped with Hitler in his underground bunker recounts the events surrounding the Fuhrer's death.


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Fun fact: A 128 year old man claimed he was Hitler and tried suing COD for making a game about WW2

Author — Nova Fultz1813


IDK if he faked his death or not but now it's 2018 so he is probably death

Author — Yan Msong


What if Hitler as a young boy were riding his bike down the street and some drunk driver hit him and killed him?

Author — Michael Webb


Imagine if that Art teacher accepted him.

Author — Callum Owens


This enraged his father, who punished him severely

Author — Declan Higgins


Any historical record that Hitler shouting FEGELEIN FEGELEIN FEGELEIN !!! in the bunker ?

Author — Ernest Jay


I wonder what he would suffer is he was caught

Author — The different poiklez


*GER:* "Dann bin ich weggegangen" *ENG:* "Then i walked away"
*VIDEO:* "Then, i ran away" ... really???

Author — WawaPlayer


The fact that he was very very sick in the end and that he failed to build the ”Third reich” makes it hard to believe he escaped!

And the horror that he knew Will come if he get caught makes it easy to understand why he choose to kill himself!

He already wanted to kill himself after minor setbacks in the past such as the “beer hall putsch”

So the most logical answer is that he killed him self!

Author — Gajtoify


12 minutes after hitler's death, steiners assault goes into full swing, pushing the soviets back to moscow.


Author — Ryn Le


Id rather surrender to the allies instead of the soviets

Author — adam lynch


I believe he shot himself, he should have done it as soon as the Allies invaded France.He waited until Germany was destroyed so as many people as possible would die too.Spiteful, evil man.

Author — Brett Rick


Whenever I’m sad, I always watch this, makes my day

Author — Jim Morrison


There was video a old man was telling that he is hilter but youtube deleted that video

Author — AJ COOL 2nd account


this guy thinks we should feel sorry for him when his boss had millions killed in concentration camps? give me a break

Author — Tom Smith


Psychopath don't flee, they kill themselves after killing millions, that is their only motto in life

Author — Gaurav Paul


The allies won. Hitler lost everything. The good will bane together to overcome evil. Stalin was also a murdering monster, but he defeated a monster before his death.

Author — Marilyn Pizziferri


The thumbnail reminds me of Burgdorf.... From Downfall.

Author — Aviation _Enthusiast


He was dead in 1945. Never made it out of that bunker. At the time of his suicide he was surrounded and cut off. NKVD breaching units would have fought their way into the bunker and captured him, he knew that.

Author — Keith Garland


You know he could of actually killed himself in the bunker instead of escaping because the Germans has a skull fragment claiming that it was Hitler's but it was actually an older womans which could of been his wife's

Author — landshark 1018