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Your skin looks amazing!!❤️❤️❤️ Thankyou for documenting your journey!

Author — Claudia P


Your updates make me hopeful!! Approaching my 6th week. Had to take a 2 day break coz my skin just felt like it... my forehead's been going through it!! I've now reintroduced my 0.05 tret alongside Purito's unscented serum and it's much better 💖💖

Author — Anna


I appreciate you posting your progress. I’m about 4 weeks behind you and it’s been great watching yours. I’m freaking out with you being in the sun without a hat 😂 I can’t spend 5 mins in the sun without my skin feeling like it’s burning, and that’s with sunblock on. The sun sensitivity for me is no joke.

Author — Gena Unknown


Hey Jenna, thanks for all of your updates. I have just begun week 13. Your journey with purging looks similar to mine... I am sure you have answered this somewhere, but around what week did you notice that the purging ended?

Author — K Adamczyk


Hey Jenna, you have been my inspiration since the day I watched your entire journey on tretinoin. I am on my 4th week on tretinoin. It might sound ridiculous but neither have I purged or even peel much. All I see is clear tight shiny face even when my skin is dry and bare. Is it possible that it's not working for me?

Author — It's Me Shelly


Thank you for posting all these updates you give me hope. I hope I didn’t damage my skin with popping a few of the big pustule ones with a head. Your skin is glowing. I pray mine looks just as clear at 6 months. I am trying to push through but so discouraged. I have such significant hyperpigmentation from all the big ones probably my fault from popping a few. Nothing aggressive but unfortunately I did

Author — Natali Thornburg


As soon as you said you are 33 and a mother I subscribed. Finally I found someone on the same page as me. I'm a mother and I'm 32 turning 33 in a couple of months.

You are absolutely beautiful. And you skin looks amazing. Well done . Thank you for sharing your tips. I just got my prescription and I can't wait to try it out. Thank you again. Big thumbs up.

Author — Jesus is my God & Saviour Soldier for Jesus Christ


Thank you for making these videos! Your skin looks so good! :)

I have been purging for 3 months now and my skin is worse than ever. I’m going to keep going but it’s really discouraging.

Author — Bragan


I love your all video! It helping me a lot. I am age 39 and my skin is kind of same as you. Thanks Jenna

Author — Jinnie Kim


Loving this update!!!! I’m using tret with clindamycin for about 5 months now. Been using it after all my skin care routine. Do you notice you skin get tan easier?

Author — ann


Do you use serums of any kind? I am so thankful I found your channel Jenna you are so thorough and up close and personal and I love it. I haven't even started the process and reading all the comments is so scary lol. Your reassurance that the heavy uncomfortable purge period that Will indeed happen is worth it. Being single/dating while starting the process is tough but I know I can do this and hopefully have these amazing results to look fwd to. Thank you for all the tips. I'll be starting at video 1 soon haha! You look great

Author — fortune


I just started my Trent. Journey. My skin is so bad right now, I won’t even look in the mirror. Your skin looks amazing, ! I hope, my skin gets clear. Thanks for the videos.

Author — Claudia Arzillo


Hey Jenna your skin looks great! When did your purge end? And would you say you saw a bigger change in your skin when you moved up to 0.1%? What’s the biggest change you’ve noticed in your skin? Sorry about all the questions lol I’m on week 8 and contemplating giving up 😢

Author — Ayan


For some of us who are also using Retin A it would be heloful if you let us know which strength you're using.That would be really helpful..thanks Barb Kelly

Author — Barbara Kelly


Jenna you're awesome. Don't forget your day 1s when you hit 1M subs lol

Author — Marcus Roy


Your skin looks great. I’m a huge fan of retin a. I’ve been using it for ten years.

Author — Mousy Leigh


Jenna, great video it’s very encouraging. I was checking youtube every day to see if you have uploaded a new update video or not. Thanks for your info and your hard work. Keep going and wish your channel grows larger in the future.

One question, do you still put tret. down to your neck? Any improvement so far?

Author — LLL


Hey Jenna, I’m in the second month of my tretenoin journey, and the purge is taking me down 😩 please tell me how did u deal with the purge, flakey ness and dryness 😌😒😞😔😟😕 thanks

Author — shailly varun Sharma


👌🏼love the results
Looking forward to Luna Bare review 😍😍🙌🏻🙌🏻

Author — Deemah Mclean


I just applied my first tretinoin (acritin 0.05) cream after Watching your video from 6 Months back... However the leaflet advised against using exfoliants and against washing the treated area no more than 2 times. Should i ignore it?

I applied a large pea size as you did but don't have any fancy moisturizer ... Will vaseline body lotion suffice?

Also can i put it on my neck that has black lines where it meet the shoulders. Cause i was overweight and still have the black neck.

Also i suffered from serious break out in childhood and my arm and back is full of acne marks with some break outs here and there. Can i use the cream there or do you have any other suggestions?

I am set to marry the love of my life soon with in 4-6 months or so, i am kinda insecure about the problem i mentioned. So asking for a friend.

Disclaimer that might help you giving advice. 23 male, Bangladeshi descend so brown skin 😁

Author — Shaher Harden