The War in Syria: Opposition fighters have not given up weapons

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The War in Syria: Opposition fighters have not given up weapons 3.5
With one week to a deadline set by Russia and Turkey for opposition fighters to abandon their arms and leave a planned de-militarized zone, the land has at last fallen quiet. But opposition fighters in the area are staying put. Rahul Radhakrishnan reports.
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Please Syria people don't stop pray, we all also pray for Syria people... Always pray to Allah.. And please don't forget the kids, lean them to pray and knowledge...



SYRIA. & RUSSIA ... should rid the Country. of All INVADER'S ..

Author — Dave Coronado


Congratulations to President Asad and his regular army on victory

Author — Aleksandar Kurčić


These idiots are unteachable. They were forced to flee from every corner of the country, and now, encircled from all sides they are even given the chance to leave in good. But again, they refuse. Despite knowing that their time is over, they still deliberately put the lives of thousands of civilians in danger. This is why you don`t negotiate with terrorists, it doesn`t work.

Author — MrPopular22


in which place they want to rule grave yard or in dibris

Author — Mohammad Kashif


©™ TMALX Transnational 🌏 Militant💥 Armed🔫Liberation⛓ Xecutive🕶 Observation ✍ ✍✍

The buffer demilitarized zones are unworkable .
Where are the extreemists to go?
Idlib is going to turn into a festering sore that eventually has to be operated on.

Author — ALX Armed Liberation Xecutive


kill im all allah will love to have them in paradise

Author — bo duke


It looks like western mosul scorched earth.

Author — James Ortiz


All the respect for all the freedom fighters but there's a big difference from someone who fights for freedom and someone who fights for money, these individuals are called mercenaries who don't follow rules, that's way the convention of Geneva don't protect them ( Guantanamo Bay comes to mind..) so Bashar al Assad should pulverise all of them as soon as possible. Amen.

Author — Franco Barone


Oposation you mean isis alnusra alqeda ??

Author — اقای mr 100 rupee


They don't leave the demilitarized zone its open season. Turkey won't help them because they have no choice but to follow the deal they made with Russia or risk reprisal

Author — Shane Lambert


😂😂😂come boys just fight against syrian government Beacuse the mosad and cia with u don't worry the amerecans they know how to destroy islamic countrys in this and that names

Author — Mahmood Bahram


America is a cancer that spreads throughout the world.

Author — It's Raining Men


This is my name, Abdul Rahman Mansour from Syria, Aleppo, the western countryside of the city, and this video is true that I showed it because it is true

Author — عبودة الأشقر


Stop calling terrorists "rebels". Why don't you show the shariah laws these "rebels" enforce and the public beheadings? US terrorist propaganda at its finest..

Author — mrlazyforever


i can't see Russia and Assad winning this war!

Author — marco hanse


You can reason with a rabid dog, just kill it they ARE ALL AL NUSRA AND AL QUEDA/ISIS DOGS !!!!

Author — Rik Z


Wipe the floor with all israeli usa & uk sponsored wahabbi terrorists. Send them all back in an ashtray

Author — Elias J.


The scumbags in this are israel and the pseudo US. I say Pseudo because it is a fake REGIME pretending to represent America. Everyday Americans dont accept the ' bringing Democracy' garbage or supporting terrorists no matter what the name change is. The War on terror is fake and so are those promoting it.

We need allies like Russia Iran Hezbollah and Syria who kill terrorists not set up hospitals and treat them.

Author — John Doe


slaughter every one of them like mad cow diseased meat.

Author — nich p