Raoh, Toki is waiting... (Remastered / Kareta Daichi)

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From Hokuto no Ken episode 100. All Hokuto no Ken material is © Toei Animation Co., Ltd. No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment purposes only.

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The Spirit Bombs got nothing on this. These aren't just some random people charging his attack or a bunch of people he just met cheering him on. These people had a huge impact on Kens life. Honor, Trust, Love, Sorrow and Hatred, all strong emotions that are all there present in the warriors standing behind him. Their skills enhancing his. People like to call Kenshiro "One Dimensional" but I disagree, he's a good person struggling to bring compassion to a barren world. Most animes only wish they had this level of depth.

Author — SolarShield


What a powerfull scene, enhanched by this awesome track (sang by the japanese kenshiro VA by the way). Kenshiro becomes so strong by carrying the burden of the spirit (and hence the sadness) of his fallen comarades and even of some of his most respected enemies, this inner "spiritual" force, this humanity, is what makes the difference between him and his arrogant brother.

Author — Giuseppe Luca Izzo


Possibly the best scene in all of fiction.

Author — Kitsurai


Amazing thing is that all those warriors that Kenshiro's sadness absorbed he recalled as his friends. Even Souther was considered as Kenshiro's friend.
Souther who for most of the time was cruel, almost irredeamable monster. And yet Ken didn't hate him. On the contrary, he felt pity for him.
And that by itself is heart gripping.

Author — Michał Mazgaj


I love the fact that Toki, Shin, Rei, Souther, Shu and Juza are standing behind Kenshiro even in death due to the close bonds they eventually developed while comrades or enemies...

Author — SauroN PWBR


How touching.

The one closest to Ken is his brother in arms and best friend: REI.

Author — The True Bro


The true strength of kenshiro is his ability to understand people's circumstances and sometimes even find some good inside from even the worst people

Author — kento


The fact that Kenshiro can even use the Water Reflection Spirit technique meaning that he can even use all the fighters he encountered with and use their own techniques to defeat others just makes him OVERLY POWERED

Author — ShadowFireKnight74


He doesn't consider Souther as an enemy. He's so strong that nobody deserves his hatred.

Author — Мустафа иракский


The fact that Akira Kamiya himself (Kenshiros' seiyuu) sung this track makes this scene even more legendary.

Author — Clemente Rodriguez


We all weep the manliest tears for the manliest man that has ever maned in all of mankind.

Author — Cragmortis


The weight of all the fallen men he's come to respect weighing on his soul as he carries his and their spirits into battle.

A great power at great sorrow for their loss.

The power of Musou Tensei.

Author — Daedelous


It's a bittersweet feeling knowing that this is the best thing to ever happen in any Anime for here until eternity.

Author — akumaskill


Something I didn’t notice until now.
Raoh copied the techniques of everyone he beat. On the surface, had the same ability as Ken.
But, Ken had truly understood the men behind the moves. And fully knew their souls

Author — Elijah Fyffe


One of my favorite scenes in the entirety of the series. The soundtrack combined with the resurrection of the fallen nanto fighters was incredibly moving.

Author — Daneyal Akhtar


Bruce lee once said
"be formless and shapeless, be water"

And Both Goku and Kenshiro are inspired by Bruce Lee
Now their minds are formless and shapeless as water

Only difference is kenshiro truly gained the concept of mushin by embracing sorrow

*also 3rd ui scene was exactly same as this scene

Author — Halkras12


This part always brings such manly tears to my eyes

Author — MrMastaPlanna


Where most shounen protagonists would get huge power boosts triggered by their rage, Kenshiro gets one triggered by his inner sadness.

Author — LDioD


"Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. The really great men must, I think, have great sadness on earth." - Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoevsky

Author — The Azure Nightmare


My all time favorite scene!! thank you for sharing!

Author — ButterASMR