People Laughed at the Price of This House, Until They Looked Inside It

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People Laughed at the Price of This House, Until They Looked Inside It 4.5

Most people live in common and simple houses. Whether it's an apartment building or a cozy suburban house, you can find similar buildings in every part of the planet Earth. But some people like breaking the rules and building unusual and even weird houses.
Neighbors may laugh at them, but it means nothing to these creative people. After all, it's mostly just envy, but when these people look inside these houses... Okay, let's not jump ahead... You better check out these houses with your own eyes.

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How many times this channel has clickbaited

Author — Haydenator 2000


People laughed at the price of this house, You got clickbaited ;)
Edit: OML 1k likes thx yall

Author — JungSHOOK XDD


My life goal

Get rich, act poor

Author — Ez_Clapz Boii


Roses are red
Violets are blue
If you got clickbatied
So did I

Author — Kalukuhan Ni Kuya Ardee


Roses are red violets are blue
I don't like being click baited so did you....
where is the house shown in thumbnail

Author — Abhinay Jat


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Author — Justice Issifu Nartey


Still waiting to see the 2 million dollar house that the people were laughing at, I want to see the inside of it...clickbaited again, darn!!! When am I gonna learn?🤣😂

Author — Bevena Williams


okay guys the victims of clickbaits are now increasing!! lol

Author — Bongieford ĽeOnes


I’m tired of being clicked baited from this channel #unsubscribed

Author — joeone3


So the first house listed was just bait, since it wasn't talked about later, like we were told?

Author — RubberusDuckus


Clicked baited again😏 awas waiting for the thumbnail to appear

Author — Kyle Hills


wtf... did I watched it for 10mins waiting for that thumbnail?😂😂😂

Author — Ellaine Cañete


im going to make a house out of just rocks so i can say im living under a rock

Author — JTM Games


*You would laugh if you would see inside of my home...*

Author — O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me


It's a good thing I read the comments first. I was spared. 😂😂

Author — forever grateful


Waiting for thumbnail? Not here.

Well on that terrible disappointment, I'm out bai.

Author — Emily Ratterree


You say this chinese man carried all those huge rocks and built a gigantic mansion without anyone "noticing" it all by his own....

Author — rgerber


The video he got the footage from for the canadians island house was made by the channel great big story

Author — Chicken Bits


I vote thee the king of clickbaits, 2019...

Author — Eric Kail


The house on a roof and house in a river are the dumbest ideas ive ever seen in my life 😟🤣😂

Author — Diligent x War