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The deal is done. After months of uncertainty, Britain and the European Union have struck an agreement on a post-Brexit trade deal. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen spoke from Brussels and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a news conference from Downing Street in London. The last-ditch deal sealed with just eight days to go before the existing trade arrangements expire. The agreement should avert a chaotic New Year spilt. January 1st marks the end of the transition period for the UK leaving the EU.

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O wow didn't expect Brexit deal to be finalized. I thought it will drag for yet another year. Now, let's hear the details behind this deal.

Author — Qeisama


I expected a more detailed piece on this deal DW.

Author — sopadurso


just not having to hear about it anymore after endless years, is worth it.

Author — silversurfergw


"this country would remain ... geologically attached"

Author — Mike z


And the maddest thing is (and knowing the country) they’ll still be angry and unsatisfied about ‘the deal’ when they have no clue about it lol

Author — Matt PryOkra


The deal is that the geological attachment is unbroken 😜😜

Author — Karol Fischer


please spare us the trite poetry

we've suffered long enough

Author — michael ansbro


I am so glad we are now out of the European union but I must remind people that I am still a European a British European and proud of it 👍

Author — You may be wrong


Both the reporters have no idea. Person in red is so clear and very well spoken. Reports should work some homework before coming to TV.

Author — John Mathew


"geologically"? Well, i guess that technically, in a way, it's true, as England and France weren't divided by water during the ice age, when the sea level was much lower, but somehow I don't think that's what Johnson meant.

Author — marioreds


They have a deal. Great. Great that they have a deal. Do we get to know that the terms of that deal are? Seems to me that until we know what the deal was, actually commentary is moot.

Author — magellanthecat


He needs to explain the deal first. I shall wait till I understand the fine print.

Author — John McKinley


It's just in the nick of time for all in the U.K., and those that trade with the E.U. Merry Christmas Brexit!

Author — ginger jon


It is a shame we left but I understand and respect the reasons why. I am glad we can still be friends 🇬🇧.

Author — Dixon gecko


Congratulation! A soft landing in trade relations is always a preferable outcome.

Author — Craig Yam


OMG, this is so shallow it hurts my brain cells

Author — yt\MandrakE


Thank god. I’m so tired of hearing about it.

Author — Michelle Peacock


Loved the deal. What a deal. Its a deal.... wait, but, whats the deal again?🤔

Author — Freddy Eduardo Alcazar Barrientos


I want the best family in the world and nice mind to be together forever in this world 🙏🌹🌲⏰❤💛💙👪👑👑🌍✈

Author — popa ileana


well, they basically did brexit without the "exit"

Author — Daniel S Mattos