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The deal is done. After months of uncertainty, Britain and the European Union have struck an agreement on a post-Brexit trade deal. EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen spoke from Brussels and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a news conference from Downing Street in London. The last-ditch deal sealed with just eight days to go before the existing trade arrangements expire. The agreement should avert a chaotic New Year spilt. January 1st marks the end of the transition period for the UK leaving the EU.

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O wow didn't expect Brexit deal to be finalized. I thought it will drag for yet another year. Now, let's hear the details behind this deal.

Author — Qeisama


And the maddest thing is (and knowing the country) they’ll still be angry and unsatisfied about ‘the deal’ when they have no clue about it lol

Author — Matt PryOkra


I expected a more detailed piece on this deal DW.

Author — sopadurso


The deal is that the geological attachment is unbroken 😜😜

Author — Karol Fischer


please spare us the trite poetry

we've suffered long enough

Author — michael ansbro


"this country would remain ... geologically attached"

Author — Mike z


Both the reporters have no idea. Person in red is so clear and very well spoken. Reports should work some homework before coming to TV.

Author — John Mathew


They have a deal. Great. Great that they have a deal. Do we get to know that the terms of that deal are? Seems to me that until we know what the deal was, actually commentary is moot.

Author — magellanthecat


"geologically"? Well, i guess that technically, in a way, it's true, as England and France weren't divided by water during the ice age, when the sea level was much lower, but somehow I don't think that's what Johnson meant.

Author — marioreds


Thanks for recognizing us thises the United Kingdom opportunity.

Author — GLORY GRACE Ltd


just not having to hear about it anymore after endless years, is worth it.

Author — silversurfergw


I am so glad we are now out of the European union but I must remind people that I am still a European a British European and proud of it 👍

Author — Have a nice day


So having chipped off a bit of the UK (Northern Ireland) added a layer of paperwork, still requiring foreign labour to meet requirements, having had it made clear that national borders are two sided and always were under individual nation's control and seeing the economy shrink, what is it exactly that the UK has gained from Brexit?

Author — Alan Robinson


He needs to explain the deal first. I shall wait till I understand the fine print.

Author — John McKinley


Congratulation! A soft landing in trade relations is always a preferable outcome.

Author — Craig Yam


Thank god. I’m so tired of hearing about it.

Author — M Peacock


It's just in the nick of time for all in the U.K., and those that trade with the E.U. Merry Christmas Brexit!

Author — ginger jon


Hopefully, important concessions from the UE side have not been made, Brexit does not have to become a successful story plus they have some money to payback

Author — Dragos


It is a shame we left but I understand and respect the reasons why. I am glad we can still be friends 🇬🇧.

Author — Dixon gecko


Love Macron 's flexing got Boris shaking... The French played it well. Inevitable how do you fight a superpower. The UK bit more than it could chew.. Overconfident blown up egos to what they brought to the table. Thank to Macron deal was made in the nick of time...

Author — Tmabdi minti