The Black Scarab 12ga. Slug - Supersonic Freight Train

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Today we have a guest shooter who contacted Gregg to do a meet-up. We decided to let Jeff take all the shots even though he never shot a 12ga slug before. This is another creative design by Evan Perry who has created many really oddball projectiles for us to demonstrate.

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Jeff and Greg, thank you again for the invite and giving me the opportunity to spend some time with some quality people. It was more than I expected and just can’t express how grateful I am for getting to join you two.

Author — Jeffery Mekinda


Love the videos man, the different perspectives from shooting to bullet impact as well as the classic banter between Jeff/Geoff (apologies) and OG.
Love from UK.

Author — Connor Burns-Lowry


"Shot him right in the Black and Decker" needs to be a new euphemism...

Great video as usual TFM crew, it's nice to see new guest shooters!

Author — Hallofo


I always get a kick out of OG introducing the rounds when Jeff puts the tabletop overview before it lol. You guys do some great informative and entertaining work, thank you!

Author — Texas Rex


I was in a band with officer Greg, but we quit before we started. Let me say this he shoots about as good as he plays guitar 😛.

Author — Eric's fishing adventures


It kind of looks like a Black Rook. I wonder if he could make a "rook" fly right. Those crenelated walls would tear stuff up.

Author — Tex Patriot


I heard OG had a band called Armeture. It was mostly post modem industrial thrash. They mostly played the dive bar scene in Germany. I might be thinking about someone else.

Author — Wild Bill


Wow! Rifling really helped with the soda cans. I'd love to try that out sometime, but the stores around here only have smoothbore soda.

Author — Dream Services International


Impressive, entertaining, hilarious and educational as all ways! Thanks guys!

Author — Andrew Dobosz


When a projetile hits a human at that volicity and that much force, a kevlar vest does no good. The ribs are broken and forced into the lungs and heart. Causing irreparable damage. In other words, the victim is dead. Even though the slugg did not penetrate the body. It's called blunt force trauma. Like getting hit by a freight train.

Author — Stanley Denning


For never shooting a slug before he did great. Very cool projectile.

Author — Richard Reinschmidt


Learned a new word today. Lol. Great video as always Jeff and company, Evan's designs never disappoint. Hope everyone is staying safe, and taking care.

Author — Ryan Wilson


Shout out to The Rhinestone Hurricane for another "Killer" slug design.
Good works guys.
That was Greg and Jeff, and his other brother Jeff.

Author — James Bromstead


Wrapping the gel block in baling wire? Alright, now I'm actually curious as to what thickness and type of wire it could break and what types and thicknesses would slice the get and stay wrapped around it.

Author — Sableagle


Would love to see an updated compilation video of the most devastating rounds

Author — DinoPwn


This is one of the best looking slugs from an aerodynamic aspect.
In my humble opinion, they'll fly straight smoothbore.
Have not watched it yet, will admit my wrong if I am wrong

Author — Izzy PlusPlusPlus


Actual correct usage of the word spalling by modern shooters. Impressive.

Author — Freedom By Me Homesteading


This channel, and OG's channel, are two of the main reasons that I watch YouTube!

Author — Jeff Slaven - The prepper mindset


Jeff and Greg y'all rock! Congrats Jeff on the invite you done big! Love the channel and content! I'm here for the algorithm! Peace

Author — Benjamin Sparks


Another fine video and looked to me like a slug with some real promise. And thanks again Greg for dropping by when you came through Kansas and spending some time with a fan. Hope you get some good use out of the (Care Package) I sent home with you, and I got a neat surprise in the mail today that is truly appreciated. Stop by anytime you're in the area and keep the videos coming. I always look forward to the next one.

Author — ditchdigger93