Maverick Games Podcast Episode 2 - International Women's Day Special!

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 months ago

For International Women's Day the Maverick Games team get together to talk about what they've been playing, getting into the industry and diversity and inclusion in games.

Mike Brown
Harinder Sangha
Elly Marshall
Fraser Strachan

Maverick Games is a developer-first videogame studio, an environment where talented individuals are nurtured, inspired and flourish. So take risks, be curious, be creative, be bold, be innovative, be you.

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I'm excited to see what this team can create!

Author — RoMoto


Awesome video! By embracing diversity and inclusion, studios can bring fresh perspectives to their teams, resulting in more innovative and creative games to match their audience!

Author — Press Start: Behind The Games


Hope you guys can get great people to join your team to make great games together!

Author — reaperville


Great Episode, Thank you for sharing all the Advices and Impressions. Have a great day.

Author — TrueGamer 79


10:47 I can't say the same, AAA games haven gotten buggier, more uninspired and unfinished with every release, and monetization practices have gotten worse
More than ever, players are becoming more cautious instead of excited about game announcements, that alone says everything

Author — FalconGamer58


I appeal Maverick-games to hire new staff on the basis of PURE TALENT and kick out anyone who vomits inclusive c**p. Cater to 10% diversity, you end up alienating 90% audience. Merit is what counts in all aspects of life and not "their" feelings. Treat everyone as equal without giving special benefits to any particular community at work place. Else go woke.. go broke.

Author — Sanket