The Secret Ingredients Inside the Food You Eat Every Day

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The Secret Ingredients Inside the Food You Eat Every Day 5

Is the food you eat fake? Here's the truth behind what's really in the food you eat every day...

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I was hungry before I watched this video. Watching this everyday could become my new weight-loss program.

Author — S F


He should have titled this video : "USA Exposed"

Author — Rakim Auphie


Seriously, this NEEDS to bee taught in schools

Author — Straw Hat Air


*I use to complain about the price of high quality food then, I realized I'd rather pay the farmer instead of the Dr. 🚜*

Author — melba sakowski


The 3K dislikes are from the American food industry

Author — Daria Duma


*Whos watching in 2080, really craving a cup of coffee? 😭*

Author — TomGreen 99


In America, 78% of food you get at any supermarket is either fake or heavily adulterated.

Author — Bat Eats Moth


in US we have the most delicious GMO foods. we can't digest any of them, and the heartburn is off the charts, but they are tasty

Author — TheBub26


Are you telling me.. Mountain Dew isn't from the mountains? :(

Author — idkzero


Dont worry, in the future we will 3d print all of our food.

Author — DK


How are some of these even legal? I quit most industrial food but i am really shocked at how much lying there is

Author — Beev


Buy coffee BEANS and ground it yourself. Buy the Oranges and Lemons and squeeze it yourself. Buy honey locally(farmers markets, bee farms etc), in Texas the honey we buy locally always crystalizes. Buy fruits and veggies locally grown and grow some yourself including HERBS which are super easy to grow. Rely on eating veggies more than animal meat. Buy your eggs from a local farmers market and you can even get fresh free-range chicken ready to cook.
In Texas, we typically don't get snow storms or temp drops below 50 degrees in winter (when it dips below into the 30s it typically doesn't last) and we also have greenhouses, so we are able to grow foods even in winter. Stay away from most fast food restaurants they have "fake" ingredients in their foods and so do many Chinese and other Asian restaurants. If the Asian restaurant is expensive and reputable it's probably safe but no guarantees. In China there are tons of fake foods they learn how to fake it there and come to the US open restaurants and replicate the fakery. I remember vendors getting busted in NYC selling dog meat in hot dogs and shishkabobs (meat on a stick) only most people thought it was cow meat. This is the reason why Europeans have such strict food regulations/standards because foods are being faked with dangerous non edible ingredients on a global scale with the Chinese leading the way. As for Kobe beef, we never had it and probably never will. Our family eats mostly Chicken, Turkey, Fish and Lamb. Occasionally Steak from a local butcher.

Author — LadyOrion2012


When people say bees are going extinct and we aren't gonna have any more honey.

Yes but actually no.

Author — Andrew Siegel


The nose hair close up shot is not appreciated. Thanks for the rest however

Author — Baz N


Say "hoony" one more time I DARE YOU

Author — Doik


Also, "Instant coffee if you're an animal..."
I mean, we are animals.

Author — Haiden Geary


The fda is there now to
guard the profits of the
largest corps by
driving small competitors
out of business.

Author — B Biggs


fake shoes, fake women, now fake food when will the fake stuff stop

Author — Dogman47


When I moved to Japan I knew that honey was too strange, I`m from Italy and our honey is completely different

Author — LivingAFK


i dont know why my favorite part of the video was him not being a beaver

Author — Trojan Man